Top 15 Most Valuable Coins in Circulation (Rarest List)

Top 15 Most Valuable Coins in Circulation

The world is adapting to the paperless banking culture. But would you please be careful as you check your pocket change to pay for coffee or laundry? You might have a single coin that can get you a fortune.

These coins might be old but with some mistakes that attract collectors’ eyes. Also, some may have a high mint grade. It shows that they have way more value than their face value.

Once you realize the quality of these coins, you’ll treasure them until you find the best buyer. Now, let’s jump into the list of the 15 most valuable coins in circulation.

Most Valuable Coins in Circulation

1. 1927-D Saint Gaudens (Double Strike Error Coin)

Collectors and other interested parties wish to have this coin because of its rich history. Though they are rare, it’s possible to get them on the market.

The Denver Mint struck and named this coin after Augustus Saint-Gaudens. After the mintage, the government held a gold recall, and the mint melted most of them.

It shows that most of them are rare and a desire of most coin collectors. Besides the great history, this coin can be a great treasure because it comes from pure gold. Below are the other intriguing aspects of these coins.

  • The Denver Mint first struck them in 1927.
  • Their prices range from 20 USD to at least 1,000,000 USD.

2. 2000-P Sacagawea ‘Cheerios’ Dollar

2000-P Sacagawea 'Cheerios' Dollar

The Sacagawea coin family is one of the best coins you’d get in circulation. Their value doesn’t come from their rarity but their looks and reasons for mintage.

When they are in their best condition, you’d think the coins come from pure gold. But they only have a golden color and a beautiful luster.

Also, in 2000, during the US Mint’s promotion, the mint inserted these coins into Cheerios’ boxes. They came through as gifts to their customers.

Remember, Cheerios are the error coins of the Sacagawea versions. Cheerios coins have better eagle tail feathers on the reverse.

These imperfections make the coins have a higher market value. The following are more facts about these coins:

  • They have a market price of 5000 USD to 25,000 SD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2000.

3. 1943-S Lincoln Head Copper Penny

1943-S Lincoln Head Copper Penny

Wheat pennies are one of the rarest coins still in circulation. Their error came when the artisans were striking the details on the planchet.

In 1942, the US took most of the copper to make armor for World War II. So, all mints were to make the wheat pennies using zinc-coated dies.

But there were a few copper and bronze planchets that the San Francisco mint struck for these 1943 coins. Numismatists rank this as a rare mint error.

Still, you can get the coins in today’s market. Take a look at more features of this coin.

  • They have a value of at least 10,000 USD in their best state.
  • The San Francisco mint struck these coins in 1943.

4. 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny

1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Penny

Also, under the wheat penny series, you can get this coin, which will give you a fortune. The value comes from the double image the Mint workers misplaced while striking the coins.

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They also have a high rarity level because the Philadelphia mint struck only 20,000 pieces. You can get them for little change in cigarette shops, car washes, and retail shops.

Despite their age, you can still get the coins in some hands through trade. Below are the other key facts about this collectible.

  • Their value ranges from around 1800 USD to a whopping 125,000 USD.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them in 1955.

5. 1969-S Lincoln Cent (Doubled Die Error)

1969-S Lincoln Cent (Doubled Die Error)

Like most wheat pennies with errors, this coin will earn you many dollars more than the face value. They have a mistake on their reverse and obverse.

Here, the mistake is present in the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” and “LIBERTY.” Also, the year mark has the same error.

Today, the coins still circulate, but in low numbers. This rarity makes them more attractive in the eyes of collectors. If you have coins in their best condition, earn a huge profit.

Getting such a coin in your pocket change can turn out to be a real treasure. Here are more aspects of this incredible coin.

  • The San Francisco Mint struck them in 1969.
  • These coins’ prices range from at least 44,000 USD to 100,000 USD.

6. 1970-S Lincoln Cent (Double Die Error)

1970-S Lincoln Cent (Double Die Error)

Still on coins with double die errors, getting these coins today will give you a fortune. The interesting double die mistake is the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” and “LIBERTY.”

If you are careful enough, you’ll notice that the dates are also doubled. The reverse error coin has a significant market demand among collectors. You expect it to give you many profits.

Remember, these coins have a low rarity. The San Francisco mint struck them in large numbers. Read on to see more facts you didn’t know about these collectibles.

  • They have an auction record of around 3675 USD in their best mint state.
  • The San Francisco Mint struck them in 1970.

7. 1982 Roosevelt Dime (No Mint Mark Error)

1982 Roosevelt Dime (No Mint Mark Error)

In 1980, the Philadelphia Mint began striking its coins with the P-mark. But some, like this 1982 Roosevelt Dime, came out with no mint mark.

Even if mintage mistakes don’t interest many people, this dime is one of a kind. Today, numismatists have only identified around 10,000 pieces still in circulation. It shows they have an average rarity in the market.

Selling these coins can help offset some of your bills. Take a look at the other facts about this coin.

  • Their prices start at around 300 USD, depending on the current quality.
  • It’s a gem from the Philadelphia Mint in 1982.

8. 1995 Lincoln Cent (Double Die Obverse)

1995 Lincoln Cent (Double Die Obverse)

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This neat Lincoln wheat penny is a superb coin in most conditions. Since 1995, this coin has had one of the best double-die imperfections.

You’ll see the error between “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” It’s easy to note the mistake even with your naked eyes.

It can give you a fortune, especially if it’s in an uncirculated version. Here are the other notable details of this coin.

  • Their best price is 5053 USD, depending on the coin’s present value.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck and released them in 1995.

9. 1999-P Connecticut Broad-Struck Quarter

Like many other error coins, this gem from the Connecticut series is a fortune. The quarter coin has a broad strike that is uncentered. You’ll notice that it has finishings with a beautiful luster and a light gem.

Also, some of the coins have double die and quarter-curved clip errors. It makes the gem more appealing to the eye.

Expect collectors to yearn for these coins, especially when they are in the best condition. Though they are pretty rare, these coins are still on the market. Below are the other aspects of this coin.

  • It’s a 1999 gem from the Philadelphia Mint.
  • The coin’s prices range from 48.95 USD to 195 USD, depending on the quality.

10. 1999 Lincoln Cent (Wide AM Error)

Wheat pennies with mint blunders are one of the best items collectors hope to own. This coin isn’t an exception in terms of its market value.

Collectors love the coin’s imperfection, which is unique. In 1999, the Philadelphia Mint made the coins with regular versions having the letters A and M. This error coin’s letters have a gap between them.

Also, the FG on this error coin is away from the Lincoln Memorial Hall. If you have the penny in the best condition, you’ll earn more from selling it. Read on to see the other facts about the penny.

  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them in 1999.
  • Their prices range from 558 USD in their lowest mint state.

11. 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter (Extra Leaf Error)

2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter (Extra Leaf Error)

This coin is one of the most sought-after by collectors and miners today. It’s because of the design and the exciting error on the reverse.

The coin’s regular version bears a wheel of cut cheese, a corn ear, and a cow on the left. But as for this unique gem, the corn has an extra leaf pointing upwards or downwards. Be sure that such an error will profit you much more than its face value.

Depending on the coin’s state, it may not be easy to notice this error. Though they are still circulating, the coins are rare to find. This uniqueness attracts people to buy the quarter. Here is more about it.

  • The Denver Mint struck them in 2004 for Wisconsin.
  • Their value starts from at least 152 USD to around 1499 USD.

12. 2005-D Jefferson Nickel (Speared Bison)

2005-D Jefferson Nickel (Speared Bison)

After paying for that coffee, you can get a 2005 Jefferson nickel with an impaled buffalo on the reverse. These speared bison coins have a deep scratch error that came after the mintage.

Though sometimes errors don’t raise the coin’s value, this speared bison can be a great sale. You’ll get more profit if you have the nickel in a high mint grade.

But it’s rare to get these coins in excellent luster. It makes them rare among most collectors. Here is more about what to know about the coins.

  • The Denver mint struck them in 2005.
  • It sells for at least 1264 USD, depending on the coin’s current state.

13. 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007

2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007

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This gem from the American Silver Eagle series is the best among all the silver coins. It sells for many dollars because of its rarity and its reverse design.

In 2008, the government altered the Silver Eagle reverse art. On any standard 2008 version, the U in the word “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” has a spur on the right side. As for the 2007 reverse, there’s no spur.

But the mint still struck some 2008 coins using the 2007 reverse design. The US Mint released about 47,000 pieces into circulation.

So, owning the coins in their best state makes them a rare item. Below are more amazing facts about this remarkable coin.

  • The West Point Mint struck them in 2008.
  • Their prices start at 1,000 USD.

14. 1972 Lincoln Cent (Double Die)

1972 Lincoln Cent (Double Die)

Most Lincoln Memorial cents with errors attract collectors in the market. This 1972 cent is on another level with its double die error on the obverse.

You’ll see the spectacular error between the words “LIBERTY” and the year mark. While striking the coins, artisans at the mint never allowed such error coins into circulation. But around 20,000 pieces made their way into the hands of traders.

These coins aren’t easy to get. Consider yourself unique if you own one. It would even be great to have the pennies in excellent condition. The following are the other beautiful aspects of the coin.

  • Their prices range from 1 USD to around 325 USD. It depends on the coin’s present condition.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them in 1972.

15. 2005-P Kansas State Quarter (Striking Error)

2005-P Kansas State Quarter (Striking Error)

Sometimes, the error might slip past your eyes because it’s common for a coin to have it. The Kansas quarter has an interesting Mint mistake in its lettering.

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You’ll notice the letters are “IN GOD WE RUST.” Being the US motto, the words sound like a super Mint error.

This mistake makes the coin sell for a higher price, even in low condition. It will attract most collectors to come for it.

The coins have a low rarity level. But still, it’s not easy to get other coins with such an error.

Next time you get it in your pocket, consider making more profit. The following are the other unique features of this error coin.

  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them for Kansas in 2005.
  • These coins’ values range from 5 USD to 100 USD.


As the world focuses on online banking, some great-value coins are still circulating. You may get them as pocket change after buying a snack or service.

It is because of their rarity and the number of pieces left. Some have high prices because of their mint-state condition.

As for the ones with mintage mistakes, expect them to be on demand. Though some errors won’t raise the coin’s value, they are a target for most collectors.

So, among all these coins, which one have you ever come across? Would you sell it or keep it as a treasure? Please let us know your comments.


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