16 Most Valuable Canadian Coins Worth Money (Rarest List)

16 Most Valuable Canadian Coins Worth Money

Collectors spend a lot of money searching for and acquiring particular Canadian coins. But did you ever ask yourself why? These dollar coins have one of the highest market demands today.

They have facets that interest coin collectors and miners. You’ll enjoy collecting these Canadian coins because of their history.

Also, investing in these coins will be fruitful. Not all Canadian coins have great market prices. Expect some of these to be priceless because of the reasons behind their minting.

So, here is an ideal list of the 16 most valuable Canadian coins you can get today. You’ll be shocked by the age and rarity of some of these coins.

Most Valuable Canadian Coins

1. 1 Cent 1859 Brass

This coin has one of the best histories and highest rarity levels. It’s a gem most demanded by numismatists and collectors among the Canadian coins.

The Canadian government released the coins into circulation after a series of disallowed laws by the Brits. Instead of having the Queen’s portrait, the coin had a Canadian emperor’s face.

Such a fact attracts collectors who love the history of Canadian coins. Thus, it makes them sell for more money even in their lowest mint state.

Also, it was among the few coins the Mint restruck in 1859. So, you’ll see some doubling errors on the year mark.

If you have the brass coin with this error, it will be in more demand. Below are the other facts about these coins.

  • The Canadian Mint struck them in 1858 and restruck them in 1859.
  • The best price is at least 25,282 USD at their highest mint grade.

2. 25 Cents, 1875-Heaton

25 Cents, 1875-Heaton

These gems from the Heaton Mint are among the most sought-after ancient Canadian coins. Collectors love them because they call them “The Queen of Canadian Quarters.”

They are the rarest Victorian quarters on the market. Expect the coin’s market price to be high, even with low grades.

You should give it proper care if you have it in your collection. Read on to see the features of this coin.

  • The Heaton Mint struck them in 1875.
  • In their best mint grade, they sell for at least 500 USD.

3. 50 Cents 1890-H

50 Cents 1890-H

Like most ancient coins, this 50-cent coin is worth a fortune because of its rarity and age. It suits collectors looking for Canadian coins from the 1800s. Remember, the Heaton mint only released 20,000 pieces.

Owning such a coin will earn you much money even in the lowest mint state. It might be that your old folks left it for you as a gift. Ensure you take great care of the coin.

Collectors who would want the coin in its best mint state will pay more for it. The following are the other great facts about this coin:

  • The Heaton Mint released the coins in 1890
  • These coins’ value ranges from 497.99 USD to 209,998 USD.

4. Victoria 25 Cents 1892

Victoria 25 Cents 1892

At any coin shop, this ancient coin will draw more attention from people. If it’s in the highest Mint grade, you’ll love the coins’ frosty touch that overlays the surface, looking pristine. Such beauty makes miners yearn to pay a lot of money to acquire it.

Keep such coins in a proper state if you have them at home. They are worth a fortune when in their best mint state. Here are the other important aspects of the coin.

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  • These coins sell from 6000 USD to 8000 USD, depending on the present state.
  • The London Mint struck the coins in 1892.

5. Sovereign 1908-C

Sovereign 1908-C

This collectible from the Ottawa Mint, a branch of the British Royal Mint, is worth the hype it gets. Everything about a coin will earn you a fortune in today’s coinage market.

The coins have a high rarity level. It makes them desire for most collectors.

Ottawa Mint struck these gold coins only for London. These gems came out in low numbers because they all were specimen coins.

Their high value is also because of the spectacular finishings they own. Besides, the gold content in them makes them a super treasure. Here are more amazing features of this coin.

  • The Ottawa Mint struck them in 1908.
  • Their value ranges from around 7,700 USD to around 30,645 USD.

6. 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar

1911 Canadian Silver Dollar

These coins have one of the highest values for those interested in ancient Canadian dollars. The British Royal Mint never struck these coins for circulation.

They come in three trial varieties to allow you to choose the best. Two were in silver, while one was in the lead.

How the coins got into the market is a mystery. Getting it is one of the toughest tasks.

It’s a rare kind of Canadian coin. So, expect it to have one of the highest prices.

A private dealer bought the coin in 2018 and offered it to the Currency Museum. Today it’s deemed to be almost priceless. Here is more about this coin.

  • The British Royal Mint struck them in 1911.
  • A Canadian collector, George H. Cook, last bought it in 2003 for 766,136 USD.

7. 50 Cents 1914

50 Cents 1914

You’ll have much honor and fortune if you are lucky enough to own any of these coins. The Royal Canadian Mint made them using a full strike and sweet luster.

They have an amazing tone that attracts the eye of anyone interested in ancient Canadian coins. You’ll have the upper hand before making a bargain during its sale.

It’s not easy to get such coins in the market. The following are the extra facts you’ll love about these coins.

  • The Royal Canadian Mint struck them in 1914.
  • The coins sell for at least 58,500 USD when in the best state.

8. Gold Sovereign 1916-C

Gold Sovereign 1916-C

Coins from the Gold Sovereign collection are the joy of every collector. This 1916-C version isn’t an exception because of its quality and rarity.

The Ottawa Mint only struck 6,111 pieces. You’ll love the coin’s gold luster in its best mint state. It makes collectors place the highest bids to have them on their lists.

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If you own this gem as a gift from your old folks or as a treasure, know that it can make you rich. Ensure you handle the coin well to prevent it from getting marks. Take a look at the other aspects of the coins.

  • The Ottawa Mint struck them in 1916.
  • They have prices ranging from 22,026 USD to 159,077 USD.

9. 1 Cent 1936 Dot

The Canadian dot coins are also among most collectors’ top searches. They are rare pieces that came out during a special moment in Canadian history.

Canada released them during the abdication of Edward VIII. He left the throne to marry a US divorcee Wallis Simpson. So, his younger brother became King George VI.

This history attracts many coin collectors. It means the coin sells for a huge price.

You’ll be lucky to win the proof versions of these dots. Below is more interesting information about these special coins.

  • The Royal Canadian Mint struck them in 1936.
  • As of 2021, their best price was at least 400,000 USD.

10. George VI Specimen Dollar 1948

George VI Specimen Dollar 1948

This ancient Canadian dollar wins many people’s hearts because of its rich history and high rarity. The mints struck them in 1948 because India had gained independence the previous year.

The coins are rare because the Royal Canadian Mint struck them as specimens. Only collectors were the ones to have the coins.

It wasn’t a coin for circulation. So, if you have these items in a crisp condition, it will give you a lot of profit. Read on to see the other specs of this coin.

  • The Royal Canadian Mint struck 18,870 pieces.
  • The coin sells for at least 67,850 USD in the best Mint grade.

11. 50 Cents 1921

50 Cents 1921

You’ll sell or buy these coins for a high value because it’s not easy to get them today. The Canadian Royal Mint struck only 20,000 pieces. It’s because they had a low demand during their mintage year.

Besides the rarity, collectors love them because of their interesting history. After the Mint struck them, they remained in store for eight years before the government released them.

Later on, the Mint melted most of them because people thought they were dupes. So, only around 200 pieces remained.

If you’d wish to add them to your list, get ready to break the bank for it. Below are the other interesting details of these coins.

  • The Canadian Royal mint struck them in 1921 but released them in 1929.
  • Their value ranges from 42,100 USD to 245,000 USD.

12. 5 Cents 1921

5 Cents 1921

Most people rate and honor these coins because of their rarity and interesting history. The Royal Canadian Mint struck them when the government passed a law to remove them from circulation.

After the law, the Mint melted most of these coins. Only about 400 pieces survived remained. So, getting such a coin would be a bit of sheer luck.

You’d have more luck owning the coin’s proof versions which never circulated. They are around eight pieces that have ever existed up to today. Take a look at the other intriguing aspects of these coins.

  • The Royal Canadian Mint struck them in 1921.
  • In their best mint state, they sell for at least 20,500 USD.

13. 25 Cents 1969 (Gold Strike)

25 Cents 1969 (Gold Strike)

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Collectors and miners pay more for this coin because it has a rare error. So, the artisans struck these coins in error over gold planchets. It makes this coin one of a kind in today’s market.

If you have a closer look at the coin, you’ll see it has details of the original version. The main gold coin was a 20-mark coin from 1906. Such a mintage mistake makes the coin have a higher stake in the market.

You’d be lucky to own one because they are super rare. Remember, the coins weren’t supposed to make it out of the Mint. Here is more about it.

  • The Canadian Mint struck them in 1969.
  • At a mint state of 65, the coin sells for at least 20,455 USD.

14. 50 Cents 1974 Newfoundland

50 Cents 1974 Newfoundland

These coins are valuable because of their high rarity. You’d be a lucky person or collector to own such a coin.

They came out as proof coins. So, they never went into the hands of traders but only collectors.

Today, the PCGS gives it a high cameo rating. It’s because most of the coin’s parts have a frosting design on both sides, attracting most eyes.

Also, these coins have a grainy finish on the raised parts to add to their beauty. Read on to see the other facts.

  • The Canadian Royal Mint struck them in 1974.
  • When in their best state, they have a price of around 58,600 USD.

15. Loon Dollar 1987

You’ll love to own this coin because of its history and beauty. Canada released these golden gems to replace the one-dollar bills. Remember, collectors nicknamed the coin “The Lonnie” because of the solitary loon on the reverse.

When in the best mint state, you’ll see it’s a mix of nickel and aureate bronze. Though they have a low rarity, their uncirculated grades make them a treasure.

So, if you have any uncirculated versions of this coin, handle them well. Its sale can save you from financial problems. Here are more amazing facts about this coin.

  • The Canadian government released them in 1987.
  • These coins’ prices range from 1 USD to at least 13.915 USD.

16. Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Canadian Dollar (Gold Proof) 2003

Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Canadian Dollar (Gold Proof) 2003

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Who wouldn’t love to own or add a gold proof coin to their collection? It’s a coin that shows that it’s not only ancient Canadian coins have value.

Collectors love to fill their lists with this amazing beauty of a coin. The dollar comes from pure gold, and only the proof versions are available.

It has some interesting history that attracts miners. The Canadian Mint struck only one piece to honor Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee.

Remember, this Mint struck them well to perfection. Read on to find out more about this great coin.

  • The Royal Canadian Mint struck this coin in 2003.
  • At a PCGS PR67 rating, the coin sells for at least 78,000 USD.


When in their best mint state, most Canadian coins have a high market value. It’s because of their rarity or because the Mints struck them on quality planchets.

A coin like the Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee has the highest rarity and quality. You’ll part with many dollars to get the gem, which isn’t easy to find.

If you have any of the above coins, treasure them to prevent them from having marks. Collectors and miners dream of filling their collections complete using these gems.

So, do you think these Canadian coins deserve these high prices? Should people sell them at higher market prices? Please feel free to tell us your feedback.

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