1982 Penny Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1982 Penny Value

Coin dealers and collectors love the 1982 pennies because of their history. But if you ever found a 1982 penny, what could it be its best price? Do you think that selling the coin would be worth it?

Today, 1982 pennies aren’t rare, thus making them have less value. Buyers will buy it at a high price if it’s a rare variety or a high grade.

The US allowed the mints to make the 1982 pennies in various versions. So, they have the highest variation among all the Lincoln memorial pennies for the other years.

Here, you learn about the 1982 penny value. You’ll gain the skills to grade and price a 1982 penny.

1982 Penny Value by Various

A price table will make your work easy if you want to sell or buy a 1982 penny. It will help you know the best value under various conditions. So, below is a table with the current price range of different 1982 pennies.

1982 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extra Fine Uncirculated
1982 copper penny has a large date with no mint mark At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.50 USD At least 0.80 USD
1982 copper penny has a small date with no mint mark At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.50 USD At least 1.50 USD
1982 “D” copper penny large date At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.40 USD At least 0.80 USD
1982 zinc penny large date with no mint mark At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.30 USD At least 0.35 USD
1982 zinc penny has a small date with no mint mark At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.30 USD At least 0.50 USD
1982 “D” zinc penny large date At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.10 USD At least 0.30 USD
1982 “D” zinc penny small date At least 0.04 USD At least 0.04 USD At least 0.10 USD At least 0.20 USD
1982 “S” Proof copper penny At least 2 USD

1982 Penny Value Guides

Once you know the aspects of a 1982 penny, it becomes easy to understand its price. You’ll avoid underpricing your 1982 penny. Below are the details of each price range of the 1982 penny.

1982 No Mint Mark penny value

1982 No Mint Mark Penny value

Every 1982 penny in this class varies with the metal element, size of the year mark, and grade. You’ll pay at least 0.80 USD to get the 1982 zinc penny with a small date in a mint state.

The 1982 zinc penny in the same mint state with a large date will cost you around 0.30 USD. It’s because they are easy to find in today’s market.

1982 “D” Penny value

1982 D Penny

You’ll pay at least 0.04 USD to get the 1982 “D” penny as long as it’s not in the MS. But if the coin is uncirculated, the price will vary with the metal and size of the year mark.

If it’s a 1982 “D” copper penny with a big date, it costs at least 0.80 USD. You’ll pay around 0.30 USD for the 1982 “D” zinc penny with a big date.

The 1982 “D” zinc penny with a small date and an MS of at least 60 costs around 0.20 USD. Remember, the price is low because these coins are common.

1982 “S” Penny value (Proof Coins)

1982 S Penny (Proof Coins) value

Sometimes, you’ll be lucky to own this version of the 1984 penny. At a PCGS scale of PR 65, the coin can earn you at least 2 USD. Such a coin is among the most valuable among the 1982 pennies.

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How to Grade the 1982 Penny

When you understand your 1982 penny’s class, it will be easy to price it. The grade varies with your coin’s present condition. So, read on to see the exciting variations.


The San Francisco mint made a few pieces of these coins. A few mint officials and collectors took the pennies.

Since they never circulated, expect these 1982 “S” proof pennies to have no flaws. Also, the coins have a shiny, beautiful, and glass-like luster on the head and tail.

Sometimes, the coin can have some marks. You won’t be able to see these marks with your naked eyes. Instead, a magnifying glass will help you.

Remember, the blemishes come from poor handling of these coins. Expect most 1982 “S” proof pennies to have a rating of PR 65 on the PCGS scale.


Your 1982 penny, copper or zinc, will fall into this grade if it has an excellent luster. Also, it will appeal to your eye without much effort.

The coin may have some wear marks, but it won’t be easy to see them. Every detail on the obverse and reverse looks new.

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Such a coin never left the mint for circulation. But only a few coin collectors got their hands on them.

On the PCGS scale, their rating starts from almost uncirculated (AU) 50 to mint state (MS) 70. What will be different is the number of wear marks and luster quality.

Extra Fine (EF)

As for these 1982 pennies, they were left for circulation but had less wear. A few people have handled the coin.

Here, you can be lucky that your coin has some luster on either side. Also, such a 1982 penny has kept its value because the owner handled it well.

Expect Lincoln’s cheek to look amazing. You’ll have light wear at the high points of the memorial’s pillars. A 1982 penny in this grade can either be EF 40 or EF 45.


In this class, a 1982 penny will have moderate to heavy wear. The coin went through many hands but still got excellent care from the handlers.

Lincoln’s hair curls are present. Though, the cheek appears smooth due to much wear. Better still, the coin’s whole design is clear and bold.

On the reverse, the hall’s pillars and staircase are present but worn. Due to the wear, a 1982 penny in this class will have a rating of F 12.


A 1982 penny in this class has heavy wear. It comes from going through many trades and getting less proper care.

President Lincoln’s face is present but less visible. Also, the legends are present but faint and closer to the coin’s edges.

At the back, the memorial hall’s pillars appear flat. Its staircase is still present but flat.

The mishaps are because of the coin’s age and amount of wear. Expect a 1982 penny in this grade to have a G 4. Anything less than this rating means your 1982 penny has lost its value.

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1982 Penny Errors

Like any other coinage series, the 1982 pennies also have error types. Some have unique mint mistakes that are super rare and have a high price. Below are the top 1982 error pennies in today’s coinage market.

The 1982 D over D Zinc Mint Error Lincoln Penny

The 1982 D over D Zinc Mint Error Lincoln Penny

With this error coin, the artisans at the Denver mint wanted to make the penny perfect. So, since the first strike on the D mint mark was faint, they struck the coin again.

But the result made the D mark appear like a double. Such an error isn’t typical among the 1982 pennies.

You can get this 1982 penny error coin for around 7 USD. Your penny should have fewer wear marks for you to see this error.

The 1982 Small Date Copper Penny Double Die Reverse (DDR)

The 1982 Small Date Copper Penny Double Die Reverse (DDR)

A 1982 copper penny with a DDR error is gold for many collectors. You’ll see the double on the Memorial Hall’s staircase and pillars.

Also, the doubling is on the legends. It will cost you at least 20 USD to own such a coin.

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The 1982 Big Date Copper Penny Double Die Obverse (DDO)

The 1982 Big Date Copper Penny Double Die Obverse (DDO)

Still, on the double, you’ll get the 1982 but with the error, but on the head. Such a mint mistake happened during the die creation stage. The error creates beauty in the 1982 penny.

It will cost you around 12 USD to own this 1982 penny today. Remember, it’s not the error that makes the coin expensive but the rarity.

The 1982 “D” Strike through Error Copper Penny

The 1982 “D” Strike through Error Copper Penny

A strike-through mint error captures the hearts of many collectors. It occurred when the artisan struck the 1982 penny using a foreign object. You’ll see the mistake in Lincoln’s cheeks.

Today, it’s not easy to get a coin with such a mistake. The error coin goes for at least 3.91 USD in its lowest PCGS grade.

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History of the 1982 Penny

The 1982 penny has a unique tale. It interests most historians, coin dealers, and collectors. It makes most people yearn to add them to their collections.

In the years before 1982, the three US mints used to strike coins using copper. Many US citizens loved the copper metal.

It could keep its quality and beauty for a long time. Also, some people believed that the metal was a gift from the gods to keep them safe from evil.

But by 1982, copper had become expensive. Remember, the price rise wasn’t sudden. But it started in 1973,

Coin dealers and the rest of the public valued copper as a metal. Since the copper value was rising, people knew that the 1982 penny would have a great price.

There was a rise in the hoarding of copper pennies. Most banks reported a low number of 1982 copper pennies. Still, the US Mint kept striking some 1982 pennies using copper and zinc coating.

The US government had to design a new plan to curb this matter. So, the mints struck the Lincoln pennies with different metal elements.

They made pennies using more zinc and a low copper alloy. It was after the orders of President Ronald Reagan.

On January 7th, 1982, the Philadelphia mint released 10,712,525,000 1982 zinc pennies. Also, the San Francisco mint struck 3,857,479 units of the 1982 penny.

Later in the year, the US Mint chose to change the 1982 penny’s design. In October 1982, the Denver mint began making the coins with a smaller date.

Remember, the Denver mint struck 6,012,979,368 pieces. The number includes both copper and zinc pennies. So, such large numbers made these 1982 pennies have a low market value.

The change in the design made the 1982 penny have various versions. You’d get the ones made from zinc or brass and have a large date.

Also, you’ll get others with the brass or zinc material but with a small date. The San Francisco mint also made the proof prices for this coin.

Today, you have to be extra keen to get the correct value of your 1982 penny. There are a total of eight types of the 1982 penny that could mix you up.

Also, every 1982 penny is in the Lincoln Memorial cent family. A great artist, Frank Gasparro, designed the beauty on the coin’s obverse and reverse.

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how to identify 1982 Penny?

Since the 1982 penny has many versions, learning their features will save you in the market. Now take a closer look at what you’ll find on both sides of the 1982 penny. It will help you know the best value for your 1982 penny.

The Obverse of the 1982 Penny

1982 Penny Obverse

Here, Frank Gasparro made a beauty of the late President Abraham Lincoln facing to the right. Lincoln appears in a suit and a bow tie.

It honors the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The US government launched the design in 1909.

You’ll see the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” above Lincoln’s head. At the center-left, Gasparro placed the word “Liberty.” It’s a way of honoring the US heritage and unity.

On the bottom right, above Lincoln’s chest, is the 1982 mark. Note that the date’s size can vary with the coin’s version.

The Reverse of the 1982 Penny

1982 Penny Reverse

All the beauty also extends to the 1982 penny’s tail. There is the Lincoln Memorial at the center.

Frank designed the hall to honor the 50th anniversary of the Lincoln penny. It first happened in 1959.

Above the Memorial Hall, there is the term “E. PLURIBUS. UNUM.” The legend says a lot about the US motto.

You’ll see the term “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” at the top. Such a feature helps citizens honor the nation’s heritage.

At the bottom are the words “ONE CENT” to show the face value. Remember, you’ll enjoy the beauty of these features if your 1982 penny has less wear.

Other Features of the 1982 Penny

The inner elements of your 1982 penny help you know its version. A 1982 zinc penny has 95% zinc and 5% tin and copper. The 1982 copper penny has 99.2% copper and 0.8% brass (tin and zinc).

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All 1982 pennies have a 19 mm (0.75 inches) diameter. They have a thickness of 1.55 millimeters (0.061 inches).

Expect a 1982 copper penny to weigh 3.11 grams. It applies to both the small and large date versions.

But the 1982 zinc pennies weigh less at 2.5 grams. You can use the above aspects to gauge which type of 1982 penny you own and its value.

As for those 1982 pennies from Denver and San Francisco, they have mint marks. You’ll see the marks “D” for Denver and “S” for San Francisco below the date on the obverse.


Today, there are many queries that those interested in the 1982 penny ask. Focusing on these questions expands your know-how about the 1982 pennies.

What is unique about the 1982 penny?

Collectors and coin dealers love these coins because they come in a wide variety. Also, some of them have small dates, and others have big dates, which makes the coin series unique. Some types, like the 1982 copper penny, came as transitional error coins.

How can you tell if your 1982 penny is copper or zinc?

A 1982 copper penny weighs 3.11 grams, while the zinc one weighs 2.5 grams. It’s the best way to separate the two 1982 pennies.

How can you tell the difference between a 1982 small date and a big date coin?

It is easy to tell the difference. Focus on number 2 of the date.

At the bottom left of the smaller 2, there’s no curve. The curve is only on the bottom left of the number “two” in the large date. Also, the number 9 of the smaller one has less room than the one on the big date.


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