17 Most Valuable Nickel Errors (Rarest List)

17 Most Valuable Nickel Errors In Circulation

Have you ever considered why collectors yearn to own nickel error coins on their list? These collectibles may not seem valuable to you, but they are rare.

The good news for miners and collectors is that they can still find the coins in circulation. They come in unique errors made by different mints.

As a seller, you should know that collectors love the errors on these coins. Some have die-breaks, no mint marks when they should have one, and don’t have key features.

Here, we shall look at the most valuable nickel error list of coins. By the end of it, you’ll understand why the coins are rare and worth keeping.

Most Valuable Nickel Errors List

1. 1916 Buffalo Nickel

1916 Buffalo Nickel

This nickel coin is one of the most sought-after by collectors and miners. It’s because they have some special errors in their obverse.

Also, the mint struck a few pieces, which went into circulation. Today, the nickel coin has one of the highest levels of rarity.

On the obverse, the Indian chief’s chin and the coin’s date appear to have a double line. If you can get hold of these coins, please treasure them. Below is what you can also expect about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck these pieces in 1916.
  • Its best price is 431,200 USD.

2. 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel

1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel

As for this nickel coin should be your priority if you want to add more valuables to your collection. It’s among the early 2018 nickel coins that the Denver mint struck with a 2017 die.

Later on, the mint re-struck the coin with a proper 1918 label. So, it led to the number eight with a clear seven below it.

You’ll get some cash if you have one in the uncirculated grade. Now here are more facts about this treasure.

  • The Denver mint struck the coins in 2018.
  • The best price is 503,000 USD.

3. 1971 No S

1971 No S

Before you plan to sell this proof coin, please think about keeping it as a treasure. It’s one of the rarest and most sought-after nickel coins in today’s market.

Besides being rare, the coin has a special error. The San Francisco mint made these coins without the mint’s S-mark. It deserves the much attention that collectors give it.

Also, most collectors treasure the coin because of its fine finishing and luster. Such coins never entered circulation. So, that’s why they have a fresh look. Below are more aspects of the coin.

  • Collectors found it in proof sets in 1971.
  • The prices range from at least 1000 USD to at least 7637.50 USD.

4. 1939 Double Monticello

1939 Double Monticello

Collectors value this coin because of the number of errors on it. On its reverse is the beautiful Monticello image (Jefferson’s home).

The Monticello error shows that the mint struck “Monticello” twice. One appears as an overlay of the other word.

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Miners love to own a Jefferson nickel with such an error. Also, the coin has a label that says “five cents” and looks like you are viewing it from a 3D glass. Which collector wouldn’t be interested in paying more to get this coin?

Remember, it would be great to own the coin’s proof version. Please look at the nickel’s more features.

  • It came from the Philadelphia mint in 1939.
  • The coin’s best state goes for 1500 USD.

5. 1945-P Doubled Die Reverse

Coins with a double die reverse are a treasure for most collectors and miners. This gem from the Philadelphia mint has a double die error on the reverse. They are visible in Monticello and the words “Cents” and “States of America.”

Owning such a gem in uncirculated grade makes it even better. It will give you huge profits once you decide to sell it. Every collector would wish to have the error nickel to complete their list. The following are the other key features.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1945.
  • Prices range from as low as 20 USD to at least 110 USD.

6. 1943-P 3 over 2 Monticello

You’ll earn a lot of profit from selling this coin because of its uniqueness. It has numerical errors on the dates.

On the coin’s obverse, the number 2 appears like a faint hit below the number 3. Remember, such errors aren’t present in 20th-century coins. That’s why this coin is worth a treasure.

Also, besides the errors, you’ll love the metal quality. The nickel coin has 35% silver. It’s like the rest of the coins made from 1942 to 1945. Below are the other amazing facts about it.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1943
  • Its value ranges from 50 USD to 300 USD.

7. 1955-D Jefferson Nickel

1955-D Jefferson Nickel

The Denver mint made great over mintmark coin collections. It was rare for mints like the one in Denver to make errors on these coins.

But today, collectors love and treasure such ancient mistakes. This coin has the D-mark over “S” and comes with a beautiful curve.

You’ll pay close attention to maintaining the features surrounding the D-mark. Otherwise, this coin will give you a profit if you have it in its uncirculated state. Please look at the coin’s other facts.

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1955.
  • Its value starts from 25 USD to at least 45 USD.

8. 1954-S Jefferson Nickel

1954-S Jefferson Nickel

This Jefferson nickel coin also has an interesting error. Here, the letter mark “S” appears to be over “D.” The bottom of the “D” appears to curve out under the letter “S.”

Such a mint error makes collectors and miners pay more for the coin. So, if you own such a coin in your piggy bank, keep it well. But the coin can make you a few extra dollars richer if it’s in uncirculated condition or one of the other qualities.

Back then, the US mint would have this stamp error when there was an important need. It makes this Jefferson nickel coin have much more value today. Here is more about the coin.

  • In its best state, the coin costs 150 USD.
  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1954.

9. 1949-D Jefferson Nickel

1949-D Jefferson Nickel

It’s another gem from the amazing over-mintmark error-coins series. The coin interests most collectors because of the D-mark over “S”. Unlike the 1954 Jefferson nickel error coin, the “D” curves out over “S.”

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This 1949-D nickel error coin is a scarce item today in the market. If you have such a nickel coin, handle it well to maintain its value for many years. Below are the other key facts to note about this coin.

  • The Denver mint made the coins in 1949.
  • Prices range from 50 USD to at least 150 USD.

10. 1975-D High D-Mark

1975-D High D-Mark

This coin’s D-mark was off the mark from the Denver mint by a tiny bit. Most hand-punched mintmarks from the Denver mint are below the date.

As for this interesting error nickel, the D-mark is on the left of number 5. Such art errors will always interest most collectors and miners.

Today, these coins are rare, and it’s not easy to get them in uncirculated grades. So, here are more facts about this coin.

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1975.
  • Prices range from at least 50 USD to at least 250 USD.

11. 1935 Buffalo Nickel

1935 Buffalo Nickel

While the mint struck this coin die, they never got the best impression from the master hub. It led to some of the coin’s aspects appearing doubled.

You’ll see the error on the word “five cents” and the motto. This doubling error draws many collectors’ hearts.

Also, it’s the only Buffalo nickel coin series with doubling on the tail. So, as every collector seeks to complete the Buffalo nickels, they won’t leave it out.

These coins got into circulation when the mint released them. Here are the other crucial details of the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1935.
  • Its uncirculated state sells for 145,900 USD.

12. 1936-D Buffalo Nickel

1936-D Buffalo Nickel

Made by the Denver mint, this coin also has some unique errors. On the reverse, the Buffalo has three and a half legs. The fourth leg looks like the workers cut it off.

This mint struck a small number of Buffalo nickels with this error. It shows miners and collectors love the coin because of its rarity and unique errors.

Remember, it wasn’t often for workers to make errors while striking the coins. Below are the other key facts about this nickel.

  • The Denver mint struck the coins in 1936
  • In its best condition, the coin sells at 22,400 USD

13. 1937-D Buffalo Nickel

1937-D Buffalo Nickel

Like the 1936-D Buffalo nickel, this coin has errors on the reverse. If you love coins with errors like the three legs on the bull, this coin suits your eyes.

While the craftsmen were striking the coin, they polished it quite hard. It made the buffalo miss a leg and thus brought out the error. The feature pulls in many collectors’ interests.

Please be aware of counterfeits because most miners and collectors treasure the coin. Take a look at other interesting about this coin.

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  • Denver mint struck them in 1937
  • In its best state, the coin trades for 107,500 USD

14. 1942-D D over Horizontal D

This nickel is among the unique ones you’ll find in today’s market. It has a re-punched mintmark error. So, expect it to be every miner’s or collector’s dream.

The makers hand-punched the mintmark right to the Monticello in the first attempt. This attempt was an error, so the mint struck the second “D.” It brings out a beautiful error that is worth a treasure.

You’ll have more bargaining power if you keep the coin in a crisp condition. The following are more facts about this amazing error coin.

  • It was a gem from Denver mint in 1942
  • The coin’s price ranges from 50 USD to 32,200 USD

15. 1964 Jefferson Nickel

1964 Jefferson Nickel

The coin is one of the most expensive assets any collector could own. But why would it have such a high market value?

This mysterious coin has a mirror brockage error. It has a head on the obverse and reverse. But one of the sides looks like a mirror.

This strange, striking error makes collectors want to invest all their cash to get it. The 1964 Jefferson nickel with this mirror error isn’t a coin for anyone to afford. Here are the other aspects of it.

  • Prices range from 10,000 USD to 1.15 million USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck the coins in 1964.

16. 1979-S Type I Proof

1979-S Type I Proof

Like most proof coins with errors, most collectors treasure this coin’s value. It’s rare to get such coins in the market.

These coins’ error is on the S-mark, which has a mushy look. This unclear S-mark makes collectors go for it to fill up their list.

You’ll have more chances to bargain if you keep the coin in great condition. Take a look at more features of the coin.

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  • The San Francisco mint made them in 1979.
  • You’ll buy or sell them from at least 4 USD to as high as 375 USD.

17. 1972-D Jefferson Nickel

1972-D Jefferson Nickel

Whether you are a collector or not, you’ll see the mint mistakes on these nickel coins. It’s among the rare US coins with die breaks and interesting cuts.

The die break is visible close to Jefferson’s forehead on the obverse. Also, the cuts make the coins more unique from the other error coins.

These two errors make the coin a wish of most collectors and miners. Below are the other facts about this valuable collectible.

  • Its prices start from at least 5.99 USD to 350 USD.
  • The Denver mint struck the coins in 1972.


Every collector’s joy is completing their set of collectibles by having the nickel error coins. These gems are valuable because, today, they are rare.

Also, the missing features of the mint mistakes on the coins make them sell for more. If you own any nickel coins with errors, please treasure them.

Selling the coins in the best mint state will give you a great fortune. Remember, some people tend to forge these error coins because they know the coins are worth a fortune.

So, do you own any other nickel error coins that you think are worth big bucks? Please feel free to let us know.


  1. I found error on my 1964 nickel no mint mark the back side of the coin at bottom of coin states the T in states is overlapping the t like a wave and the bottom of the t is under the wave can’t find this error anywhere

    1. I just found a 1977-D Jefferson Nickel with the D mint mark farther to the left on his shirt? Never seen this strike error before. Coin is above average with a slight dent on the upper rim. After damage maybe or during the strike when coin was lifted off center. Very interesting. Thank you.

  2. I’ve got a 1964 D double stamp but Second stamp missed it’s marked and left inside rim unstanded witch left bubbling of letters and abig bubble hole where the star goes and has created hole/ need help name error.

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