16 Most Valuable Quarter Errors (Rarest List)

Most Valuable Quarter Errors In Circulation

Why do you think the quarter coins’ flaws are valuable? It’s not easy for the craftsmen at mints to make mistakes. If any error happens, the coins won’t circulate.

Those quarters with errors that go out attract most collectors’ interests. Remember, the rest of the US state quarters without errors only have face value.

The ones with imperfections are rare and of great value. You can choose to treasure them or sell them to get a great fortune.

Here is a perfect rundown of the sixteen most valuable quarter error list. Some carry mistakes that one would never think they’d exist.

Most Valuable Quarter Errors List

1. 2005-P Minnesota Quarter (Double Die Error)

2005-P Minnesota Quarter (Double Die Error)

Most Minnesota quarter dies with errors are a treasure to many collectors. It’s because of the art on the reverse, which makes the mistakes look more like beautiful art. As for this coin, its double die interests most collectors.

Some of these coins have an extra treetop. It’s next to the fourth evergreen, to the right of the state’s outline (Land of 10,000 lakes).

Such an error came from a double die when the mint made them. It might be that on the first design, the master tool might have slipped. So, the makers had to redo the art.

The doubling makes people desire the coin more. Below are more facts about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2005.
  • Their value ranges from 100 USD to 800 USD.


2. 1999-P Delaware Quarter (Spitting Horse)

1999-P Delaware Quarter (Spitting Horse)

Like the 2005-P Minnesota quarter, this coin’s error comes from the art on the reverse. Some strikes on this unique 1999 Delaware quarter have a raised line, creating the error.

This line extends from the horse’s mouth from right to left. You’ll see it between the letters A and E in the word “CAESAR.”

Such a mistake is what makes people yearn to pay more for it. You’ll earn more from selling it if you have it in the best mint state.

Since the Denver mint made them, they have become common. But when in their best state, they still have a high value. Here are more facts about the coin.

  • The Denver mint struck them for Delaware State in 1999.
  • Prices in the market start from 10 USD to 500 USD.


3. 1999-P Connecticut Quarter (Rare and Wrong Strike)

1999-P Connecticut Quarter (Rare and Wrong Strike)

Without the error, this Connecticut quarter doesn’t seem to have a lot of value. Its error is at the end of the feeder’s finger. Expect many miners to be interested in this error.

When striking these coins, makers at the Philadelphia mint made the feeder fingers to push the planchets into place. But here, the feeders jammed, and the quarter struck on the feeder’s finger.

It’s one of the items to keep as a collectible. Here is more about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint made them in 1999 for Connecticut State.
  • In 2020, its best price was 3720 USD.


4. 1999-P New Jersey Quarter (Wrong Strike)

1999-P New Jersey Quarter (Wrong Strike)

This quarter is among those that the Philadelphia mint struck on a wrong planchet. The workers struck this coin on a planchet meant for another country.

Such facts interest most quarter-coin collectors. People would be willing to pay huge sums to acquire these coins.

Since the Philadelphia mint struck a few pieces, expect them to be hard to find. But if you happen to own it, it makes you special. Read on to see other interesting facts about the coin.

  • Its best price is 13,200 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them for New Jersey in 1999.


5. 1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar (Wrong Strike)

1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar (Wrong Strike)

The coin sells at a high price because of its rarity and unique coinage error. What the makers deemed a huge mistake is today’s treasure.

Still from the Philadelphia mint, the coin’s details were supposed to be on a blank planchet. But instead, the workers struck them with a Georgia quarter.

The coinage history attracts the attention of most collectors and miners. Remember, every other detail, including the term “Georgia,” is visible on the coin.

Owning such a treasure can make you rich with some extra dollars. Below are the other amazing facts about this quarter.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1999.
  • When in the best mint state, it sells for 6325 USD.


6. 2000-P Maryland Quarter (Wrong Strike)

2000-P Maryland Quarter (Wrong Strike)

Due to striking the coin’s details on a smaller-sized planchet, most of the details look out of place. Quarter coin collectors will always yearn to have this coin on their list.

On the obverse, George Washington’s head seems off center. Also, some words like “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “QUARTER DOLLAR” appear to be bursting out.

These imperfections make the coin expensive in the market. The mint should have disposed of the coin, but somehow it went into circulation. Here is more about the rare quarter.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck it in 2000.
  • The coin’s best price is 6325 USD in the best mint state.


7. 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar (Striking Error)

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar (Striking Error)

Owning a US mule quarter coin is among the best wishes of every collector. The 2000-P Sacagawea is the first mule coin that the US released.

It has interesting errors. The coin’s mistake comes in because the mint struck it using dies that weren’t meant for it.

Remember, getting the coin is rare, so it makes it have a high value. The following are the other important facts about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2000.
  • This coin’s best price was 192,000 USD in 2018.


8. 2007-P Wyoming Quarter (Double Die Error)

2007-P Wyoming Quarter (Double Die Error)

It’s one of the coins whose errors aren’t easy to spot with your naked eyes. So, using a magnifying glass, you’ll see that the coin has various doublings around the saddle horn image on the reverse.

The art on the coin itself will attract many collectors to place it in their collections. It’s a rare item for miners to add to their collectibles. Below are the other facts about the quarter.

  • At its best mint state, the coin sells at 422.99 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint made them in 2007.


9. 2002-P Indiana Quarter (Strike on the Planchet)

2002-P Indiana Quarter (Strike on the Planchet)

Identifying the coin’s error is easy for anyone interested in the coinage market. Instead of the makers at Philadelphia striking it on the correct planchet, they placed the coin’s art on a dime.

So, the image appears to be incomplete. The coin’s edges aren’t present because of the imperfect strike.

It was a huge error by the Philadelphia mint. But today, it’s among the perfect collectibles that miners would love to acquire.

Expect them to have a high market value because they are rare. Below are the other facts about the rare quarter.

  • The Philadelphia mint made them for Indiana in 2002.
  • Its price for the best mint state is 4025 USD.


10. 2004-D Wisconsin Quarter (Extra Leaf)

2004-D Wisconsin Quarter (Extra Leaf)

Like most quarters, this gem for the Wisconsin area has a double die error on its art. Such mistakes please the hearts of most coin collectors.

This 30th statehood quarter has a cow, a corn ear, and a block of cut cheese. The coin’s error is visible with an extra cornstalk leaf above the cheese. Expect the leaf to either point down as a low leaf or up as a high leaf.

Such an error comes in because the Denver mint added more metal shavings by mistake. So, it created a gouge from the strike. Isn’t that a beautiful mistake that would attract the eyes of many people?

Also, the question of how the errors on the coins came about in the mint interests collectors today. Take a look at more features.

  • The Denver mint struck them for Wisconsin in 2004.
  • It sells for at most 2530 USD for the high leaf error and 6000 USD for the low leaf.


11. 2005 Kansas Quarter Error

2005 Kansas Quarter Error

The unique Kansas quarter comes with an uncommon error, but still, collectors yearn to own it. It’s a coin with some letters missing from the words “IN GOD WE TRUST.” You’ll find that most of these coins only read “IN GOD WE RUST.”

It interests collectors and miners because it’s a beautiful error. While striking the coins, the grease on the machines may have gotten to the coins and plugged up the letter “T.”

Also, most of these quarters have an amazing luster. Expect the value of the market to rise in the future. Now, please look at more facts about this coin.

  • It’s a 2005 gem from the Philadelphia mint.
  • The prices start from 2 USD to at least 50 USD.


12. 2006 Colorado Quarter (Cud Error)

2006 Colorado Quarter (Cud Error)

This coin carries one unique error that is not easy to see on the other coins. It has a cud error, a bump from an unintended die by the Philadelphia mint. Most collectors and miners go for such coins because the error is rare.

The error is present on the coin’s reverse quarter. You’ll see it at the quarter’s three o’clock position on the inner side of the rim.

Also, you’ll see the errors on various spots of the coin. But expect it to be at the coin’s center-right. Here are more facts about the coins.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2006 in Colorado State.
  • Their prices range from 5 USD to 35 USD depending on the cud size and condition.


13. 2006-P North Dakota Quarter (Steel Washer Strike)

2006-P North Dakota Quarter (Steel Washer Strike)

This coin from the Philadelphia mint is one of a kind because of the rarest error. Looking at it for the first time, you might think it’s a foreign coin.

It has a hole in the middle. This huge error makes more collectors demand it in the market.

Instead of the workers striking the details on the quarter’s planchet, they did it on a steel washer. It’s not clear if the fault was an accident or not. But how it found its way into circulation is what makes collectors curious.

Since they were few, it is rare to get them today. Here’s more about this coin.

  • In its best mint state, the price is 8625 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint made them for North Dakota in 2006.


14. 2006-P Nevada Quarter (Striking Error)

2006-P Nevada Quarter (Striking Error)

Before we get to the coin’s errors, the 2006-P Nevada quarter has one of the best statehood designs. The planchet quarter has irregular and non-circular shapes. These shapes come from straight or curved coin blanks.

It’s the joy of collectors to own such a coin on their list. Remember, the uniqueness of planchets’ quality also adds more value to the coin.

They come from long metal sheets that the Philadelphia mint feeds via a cutting machine. Here, the error occurred when the makers didn’t align the sheet well, thus creating straight-clipped planchets.

The coin’s value will keep rising, especially in a crisp state. Here is more about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2006.
  • Its best price starts from at least 395 USD.


15. 2008 Arizona Quarter (Die Break)

2008 Arizona Quarter (Die Break)

If you are a collector that yearns to fill the collection list with die-break error coins, this one will interest you. Here, the coin’s error makes it have an extra cactus leaf on the reverse.

Also, the coin has cud errors that cover the “2” or first zero of the 2008-mark. Such mintage mistakes make the coin sell for more money.

Expect the die breaks and cuds to vary in number and size. The more and bigger the breaks and cuds are, the better the coin’s value. So, here are other interesting facts about the quarter.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck for Arizona State in 2008.
  • You’ll get them for 10 USD to 150 USD.


16. 2009-D District of Columbia Quarter (Double Die Error)

2009-D District of Columbia Quarter (Double Die Error)

Error coins from the Denver mint tend to win many collectors’ hearts and thus have high prices. This coin also has a high value because it’s in the Washington DC and US quarters program.

The coin’s error comes from a strong doubling of “ELL” in Ellington’s name. Also, some coins have a vivid doubling on the piano keys.

Remember, besides the unique errors, this coin is made of silver. It sells for a lot of dollars when in a great mint state.

The coin will be worth a fortune if you are lucky enough to have the ones released in a mint state. So, here’s more crucial information about it.

  • The Denver mint made them for Washington in 2009.
  • Its lowest price is 75 USD, and the best is 4000 USD.



Today, the quarter coins with errors hold a great fortune that only a few people know. Some of these errors are beautiful and worth keeping.

Mints don’t allow such coins to circulate. But as for these quarters that got into the hands of the trade, they interest many collectors. That’s why they are more valuable than normal coins.

Some of the errors entail striking materials. Others are from the way the mints struck the details on the coins. Either way, they are worth a treasure.

So, among all these quarter error coins, which one has the most interesting imperfection? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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