1961 Dime Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1961 Dime Value (Rare Errors, “D” & No Mint Marks)

The dime history began in 1796, but the first Roosevelt dimes appeared in 1946 in honor of the only American President who won four presidential terms. Interestingly, these coins are the only modern US coinage in circulation without cents or dollars denomination.

Even though the 1961 dime value is not exceptionally high, most coins in the mint state are worth more than ten cents, representing their denomination. However, coins with Full Bands can bring you money when in exceptionally high ratings.

1961 Roosevelt Dime Value Chart

Condition 1961 No Mint mark dime 1961 D dime
Good $2.03 $2.03
Very good $2.03 $2.03
Fine $2.03 $2.03
Very fine $2.03 $2.03
Extra fine $2.03 $2.03
AU $2.20 $2.20
MS 60 $3.31 $3.31
MS 63 $7.31 $7.31
PR 63 $4.36 /


Value Guide of the 1961 Roosevelt Dime

Two mints produced 305,904,794 Roosevelt dimes in 1961. The Philadelphia mint struck both proofs and regular coins, while only standard pieces came from Denver. Interestingly, the mintage in Denver was incomparably higher than in the other mint.

1961 No Mint mark Roosevelt dime Value

1961 No Mint Mark Roosevelt DimeWith 93,730,000 Roosevelt dimes produced in Philadelphia, this mint had a high mintage in 1961. Since they are relatively modern coins produced about 60 years ago, you can expect their prices to be not too high.

1961 Roosevelt dime prices

Condition 1961 No Mint mark dime 1961 D dime
Extra fine $2.07 $2.07
AU $2.07 $2.07
MS 60 $2.12 $2.12
MS 61 $2.12 $2.12
MS 62 $2.12 $2.12
MS 63 $2.17 $2.17
MS 64 $3.17 $3.17
MS 65 $7 $7
MS 66 $14 $13
MS 67 $70 $65
MS 68 / $2,000

Dimes in low grades typically cost $2, but you should set aside $7 to $15 for better-rating ones. Only first-class specimens in an MS 67 grade reach at least $70 at auctions, but one such coin was sold for $550.

As expected, dimes with Full Bands are the most pricey. One such piece with an MS 67+ rating is among the most expensive coins in a set after being sold at an auction for $3,400.

1961 proof Roosevelt dime Value

1961 Proof Roosevelt Dime

Besides dimes from the regular strikes, Philadelphia minted 3,028,244 proof coins in 1961. Most cost $3 to $20, but you should pay $200 for perfect pieces in a PR 70 grade.

1961 proof Roosevelt dime prices

Condition 1961 PR dime 1961 PR CAM dime 1961 PR DCAM dime
PR 60 $3 / /
PR 61 $3 / /
PR 62 $3 / /
PR 63 $4 / /
PR 64 $4 / /
PR 65 $4 / /
PR 66 $9 $12 $25
PR 67 $12 $16 $35
PR 68 $14 $25 $70
PR 69 $20 $69 $200
PR 70 $200 $500 $2,500

Dimes with cameo contrast are, expectedly, more expensive and come in a price range of $12 to $500, depending on quality. Like all dimes with deep cameo contrast, these from 1961 are the most collectible and valuable.

Pieces with DCAM in the lowest PR 66 rating cost about $25, while collectors purchase specimens in a PR 70 grade for $2,500 at auctions. However, the most pricey coin with this characteristic is worth even more. One collector bought it for $5,581 in December 2014.

1961 D Roosevelt dime Value

1961 D Roosevelt Dime

The Denver mint produced 209,146,550 Roosevelt dimes in 1961, or two-thirds of the total production achieved that year. Interestingly, that doesn’t affect these coins’ prices in the current market. In most cases, they cost the same as pieces from Philadelphia.

You can purchase these coins for $2 to $65, depending on their preservation level. According to estimations, rare dimes with an MS 68 rating can be costly, and owners can count on $2,000 for such pieces.

Unfortunately, one collector was unpleasantly surprised when trying to sell one of these beautiful coins. He got only $1,610, as the maximum reached price for one 1961 D MS 68 Roosevelt dime at auctions.

Coins with Full Bands are even more valuable. Experts estimate their price range from $50 to $175, while the highest-rated dimes are evaluated to be $5,000.

However, the rule of thumb is that the value of one coin is as much as someone is willing to pay for it. So, the most expensive Roosevelt dime struck in 1961 came to $5,288 at an auction in November 2012.

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1961 Roosevelt Dime Errors

Besides standard and typically minor errors on Roosevelt dimes struck in 1961, you can recognize a valuable Full Bands variation among coins from the regular strikes. Let’s take a look.

1961 Roosevelt Dime Full Bands

1961 Roosevelt Dime Full Bands

The Full Bands mark Roosevelt dimes with fully separate upper and lower bands paired on the torch. These relatively rare coins have complete and unbroken lines, and their prices are higher than regular coins.

1961 FB Roosevelt dime prices

Condition 1961 FB No Mint mark dime 1961 D FB dime
MS 64 $38 /
MS 65 $62 /
MS 66 $80 $50
MS 67 $550 $175
MS 68 / $5,000

For example, the 1961 D MS 67+ FB Roosevelt dime sold in November 2012 cost $5,288. On the other hand, the coin in the same grade struck in Philadelphia came to $3,400 at an auction organized in May 2020.

1961 Roosevelt Dime Errors

Unsurprisingly, some of the 305+ million 1961 Roosevelt dimes came with one or more errors. However, none of them were significant or particularly desirable for collectors.

However, those who enjoy error coins can find a few lovely specimens to enrich their collections. The most often are:

  • Broad-strike – This error includes flattened and broadened coins resulting from the improper position during minting.
  • Clipped/folded planchet – As expected, such planchet results in improperly shaped coins. When struck on such a surface, dimes appear with cut or folded edges.

1961 Roosevelt Dime Clipped Planchet

  • Off-center – You can find a coin with this strike error because the die struck its surface at an improper angle.
  • Lamination error – In rare cases, the 1961 Roosevelt dime came up after going through the planchet filled with foreign objects. Such imperfection results in cracked coins.
1961 Roosevelt Dime Lamination
Credit: coins.ha
  • Doubled die – Coins come with this error type when the die hits them twice. In such a case, you can notice image and lettering doubling on the obverse, reverse, or both sides.

1961 Roosevelt Dime Doubled Die

One 1961 dime from Denver in an MS 65 grade and doubling on the reverse was sold on eBay. One collector purchased it for $125 in August 2019, making this coin the most expensive error in the set.

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History of the 1961 Roosevelt Dime

The word DIME is based on DECIMUS, the Latin word meaning ONE TENTH. You can also find this term in French (disme), but it spells without the letter S in English.

The US Mint began Roosevelt dime production in 1946, honoring the 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Interestingly, Sinnock submitted his first design in October 1945, but he needed to re-design it.

The new one was accepted in 1946, and the first dimes were released into circulation on 30th January. That way, the nation symbolically celebrated Roosevelt’s 64th birthday.

1961 Roosevelt dime

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1961 No Mint mark dime 93,730,000
Philadelphia 1961 proof dime 3,028,244
Denver 1961 D dime 209,146,550
Total / 305,904,794

 Initially, Americans sent new dimes to the March of Dimes Foundation, founded thanks to Roosevelt’s effort to help children suffering from Infantile Paralysis.

New silver coins replaced Mercury dimes, but their composition was changed in 1965 when the first clad coins appeared as a cheaper option. Even though these pieces came without precious metals as a part of the composition, some have collectible value. It depends on their condition and possible errors.

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How to Identify the 1961 Roosevelt Dime?

You can recognize 1961 Roosevelt dimes minted in Philadelphia and Denver by the letter D placed to the left of the torch base or its absence. The US Mint produced these coins made of silver for only three more years when switching to cheaper materials.

The obverse of the 1961 Roosevelt dime

Obverse of the 1961 Roosevelt Dime

Besides Franklin half dollars, eighth US Mint Chief Engraver John Ray Sinnock also designed these new dimes. You can see the image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the obverse.

The word LIBERTY is struck in front of his face, while the favorite American motto, IN GOD WE TRUST, stands left of the 32nd US President’s neck. On the right are the initials JS (from John Sinnock, not Joseph Stalin, like some Americans thought) and the DATE.

The reverse of the 1961 Roosevelt dime

Reverse of the 1961 Roosevelt Dime

These coins’ reverse is one of the most unique in American coinage. It depicts the frame of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the country name) and ONE DIME (the denomination) around the central composition.

You can see a torch, symbolizing freedom, in the center. An olive sprig, representing peace, is on the left, while the right position is reserved for an oak branch, symbolizing independence and strength.

The image is interspersed with the famous Latin phrase, E · PLU/RIB/US · U/NUM. It signifies unity in diversity, crucial for a nation of people of different origins.

1961 Roosevelt dime

Face value Ten cents ($0.10)
Shape Round
Compound 0.900 silver with copper
Coin thickness 1.35 mm (0.0532 inches)
Coin diameter 17.9 mm (0.7047 inches)
Coin weight 2.5 g (0.0804 troy ounces)
Silver content 2.25 g (0.0723 troy ounces)
Edge Reeded

Other features of the 1961 Roosevelt dime

The 1961 Roosevelt dimes are round coins with a ten-cent denomination and reeded edge. Their weight is 2.5 g (0.0804 troy ounces), and 90% is pure silver or precisely 2.25 g (0.0723 troy ounces). These 1.35 mm (0.0532 inches) thick coins are standard-sized and come with a diameter of 17.9 mm (0.7047 inches).

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What makes a 1961 Roosevelt dime rare?

Collectors consider the 1961 Roosevelt dimes with Full Bands rare. They are often prepared to pay thousands of dollars per piece when finding such a piece on the open market.

Which 1961 Roosevelt dimes are pricey?

  • The 1961 PR 70 Roosevelt dime (DCAM) came to $5,581 in December 2014 at Heritage Auctions
  • The 1961 D MS 67+ FB Roosevelt dime came to $5,288 in November 2012 at Stack’s Bowers
  • The 1961 MS 67+ FB Roosevelt dime came to $3,400 in May 2020 at David Lawrence RC
  • The 1961 D MS 68 Roosevelt dime came to $1,610 in September 2009 at Heritage Auctions
  • The 1961 MS 67 Roosevelt dime came to $550 in February 2022 on eBay
  • The 1961 PR 65 Roosevelt dime came to $396 in February 2014 on eBay
  • The 1961 PR 69 Roosevelt dime (CAM) came to $213 in April 2014 at Great Collections
  • The 1961 D MS 65 DDR Roosevelt dime came to $125 in August 2019 on eBay

How much are 1961 No Mint mark Roosevelt dimes worth?

Dimes produced in Philadelphia are coins without the mint mark that typically cost $2 to $15. Only the best-rated specimens in an MS 67 grade are worth $70, but some pieces can reach up to $550 on the open market.

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