11 Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coins (Rarest List)

11 Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coins

The US released the Sacagawea dollars (golden dollar) coins in 2000 and stopped using them in 2012. But how much would you profit from selling these coins in today’s market?

Most collectors have fallen in love with these quarters. So, if you own any of them, especially in high grades, you can profit from their sale.

Some have unique errors or mint state levels. People also love them because the Philadelphia Mint once released them as gifts. The gems also have rich histories that make collectors love them.

Remember, these coins are only golden in color and don’t come from a gold medal. Now, in this article, you’ll find the 11 most valuable 2000-P Sacagawea dollar coins.

Most Valuable 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Coins

1. 2000-P Cheerios (Mint State)

2000-P Cheerios (Mint State)

The Cheerios are one of the best versions of the 2000-P Sacagawea coins. It becomes greater if you own the ones with the highest quality. It means the coins never left the Mint for circulation.

But what makes the coins even greater than the other Sacagawea dollars? On the reverse, the currency has enhanced eagle tail feathers.

This aspect makes the coin more amazing. If you own the best version, this beauty will tempt you to keep it as a permanent treasure.

Besides their wonderful looks, the 2000-P Cheerios have the highest rarity among these coins. The Philadelphia mint struck around 50 to 70 pieces.

This coin also has a rich history. The Philadelphia mint sold them as part of the “Golden Dollar” promotion. Lucky citizens received 5,500 boxes, with most having the Cheerios.

Selling such a coin in the best grade will earn you a fortune. The following are the amazing details about these gold coins.

  • Philadelphia struck and released them in 2000.
  • Their prices range from 5,000 to 29,900 USD, depending on the mint grade.


2. 2000-P Glenna Goodacre

2000-P Glenna Goodacre

Glenna Goodacre did an awesome job designing the 2000-P Sacagawea’s obverse. The US government chose to pay Glenna 5000 USD for creating beautiful designs.

So, the Philadelphia mint struck 5,000 pieces, detailed and with great finishing on both sides. These coins never circulated. The Mint director, Phil Thiel, took the present to Glenna in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Remember, the artisans struck these coins on special planchets and dies. It means the coins have the best qualities among the Sacagawea coins.

They are a bit transparent and have an amazing luster. Also, the coins have a burnished satin that makes them more attractive.

You’ll be a lucky person to own such coins today. But that’s not all. Here is more about these special coins.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2000.
  • Today, they have an average price of around 5, 2888 USD in their best condition.


3. 2000-P Wounded Eagle Error

2000-P Wounded Eagle Error

Though the coins’ errors don’t impact the value, it’s an exception for this coin. The flaws on this coin’s reverse make it a special and wanted item.

This name, “wounded eagle,” is because the coin has a raised die cutting across the eagle’s belly. It’s a special mintage mistake that turned into beautiful art.

If you are lucky enough to own the coin’s uncirculated version, expect many collectors to approach you. Also, the Philadelphia Mint struck them with a fine finish and a booming luster.

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This coin is also among the Sacagawea coins with a high rarity level in the market. It’s because the Philadelphia made a few pieces.

Numismatists have discovered around 115 pieces from collectors. Expect this number to rise in the coming years. Also, below are more aspects in which this coin has value.

  • The coins have a best price of about 1,800 USD in their best grade.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck 767,140,000 pieces in 2000.


4. 2000-P Sacagawea Multi-Struck Obverse Split Die

2000-P Sacagawea Multi-Struck Obverse Split Die

This coin will give you a great profit. Its value comes from a unique flaw in it. Also, it’s a modern mint mistake. You won’t find it on most ancient and other Sacagawea coins.

Such an error comes in after the artisans do an initial strike on the coin and the coin cracks. Then, they struck the coins more times to wrap around the obverse die.

As it happened, no more planchets were available. So, the dies maintained the sharp split die on the obverse. Such an imperfection makes collectors interested in the coin.

Once artisans note such errors in the mint, they don’t allow the error coins to circulate. But a few of these items still found their ways into the hands of coin traders.

It shows they are rare. If you have such a 2000-P Sacagawea coin, you are lucky.

Besides the crack, these coins have pristine toning. Expect the coin’s value to keep rising as long as the luster remains attractive. Also, here are more aspects of the currency.

  • The Mint struck and released them in 2000.
  • Their best price is at least 3,450 USD.


5. 2000-P Sacagawea Rotated Reverse

2000-P Sacagawea Rotated Reverse

Owning this coin on your list makes your collection more valuable. You’ll see this error if you rotate the die at 110 degrees.

Expect to see the eagle flying upwards, not level like the normal 2000-P Sacagawea dollars. While minting, the artisans gave these coins a super wide rotation.

It suits collectors who yearn to fill their list of error coins regardless of the series. This error is also not easy to get in the market.

So, if you get this coin by any means, please treasure it. It’s because the value keeps rising even as the market keeps changing. Take a look at the other key aspects of this coin.

  • The US Mint released the coins in 2000.
  • Their prices range from 340 USD to around 700 USD, depending on the condition.


6. 2000-P Sacagawea Wrong Planchet strike

2000-P Sacagawea Wrong Planchet Strike

Before the US Mint introduced the 2000-P Sacagawea coins, the citizens had rejected the previous series. The US Mint struck the Susan B. Anthony dollar from 1979 to 1981.

Due to the “ugly” looks on both sides, most people rejected it. So, the Sacagawea coins came to replace these coins.

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But still, at the Mint, the artisans struck the Sacagawea dollar details on a Susan B. die. It resulted in a huge striking error that attracted many collectors’ hearts.

Sometimes, you’ll need a magnifying glass to see the die cracks in the portrait. They start from the forehead. Also, collectors refer to this off-metal transitional flaw as the rarest.

You’ll have to pay a lot of dollars to buy it. Numismatists have since recorded only 12 known pieces.

This high rarity level makes the coin have a high market price. Here are more aspects of these coins.

  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them in 2000.
  • Their prices range from at least 400 to 450 USD.


7. 2000-P Double Die Obverse

2000-P Double Die Obverse

Some 2000-P Sacagawea coins came out with a double die on the obverse. The error is easy to see on the coin.

You’ll notice the doubling on the “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and Sacagawea’s chin and neckline. Even if it was a mint mistake, the coins today make the coin attractive and rare.

Remember, the high rarity makes the coins sell for much more money. It will be an amazing way to fill your collection.

If you own such a coin in a high grade, ensure it doesn’t get any marks. Now, here are more facts about this error coin.

  • Their least price starts from around 400 USD depending on the condition.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck a few of them in 2000.


8. 2000-P Sacagawea Clipped Planchet

2000-P Sacagawea Clipped Planchet

It’s never easy to get Sacagawea coins with a clipped design. This error coin has all the 2000-P Sacagawea qualities, but it’s a 15%–21% clip, according to the PCGS grading.

Owning this coin will draw more collectors to you. It will even be greater if the coin has a high grade. You’ll have more bargaining power before selling the coin.

As a collector, please ensure you strive to add this coin to your collection. The value will rise as long as circulation keeps occurring.

You’ll get various designs with different clippings. While at the Mint, the coin’s misfeed happens when the artisans feed the metal strip through a blanking machine.

So, the punches can overlap the metal’s leading edges and make the clip. These clips can be flat or have a crescent shape. Below are the other aspects of this coin.

  • Their prices range from about 10 USD to 340 USD, depending on the condition.
  • The US Mint struck these coins in 2000.


9. 2000-P Sacagawea Obverse Cap Die

You’ll also be lucky to own a 2000-P Sacagawea coin with a capped die on the obverse. Like the clipped error coin, this version also lacks some details on the front.

Once again, the uniqueness of the coin makes it sell for more. It’s not easy to get 2000-P Sacagawea coins with this flaw.

Having the coin in a mint state or uncirculated grade will be great. Such coins make you sell them for more.

Remember, the best grade of this obverse error coin has an NGC rate of 66. Because of its rarity, landing your hands on this coin will give you a fortune.

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Once you have any of these coins, treasure them well. Below are the other details of this Sacagawea dollar.

  • The US Mint struck them in 2000.
  • They have an average market price of 200 USD.


10. 2000-P Double Denomination Strike (Maryland Quarter)

2000-P Double Denomination Strike (Maryland Quarter)

The Mint also struck the coins in the wrong denomination. But as for this 2000-P Sacagawea coin, the artisans struck it on a Maryland quarter. This error is present on the obverse that has details of the Maryland quarter.

You’ll buy them for more dollars because they are super-rare coins. The Philadelphia mint struck a few coins with this mistake.

Most numismatists call it the mulled error. The error doesn’t make the coin sell for more. The rarity of this aspect makes this US dollar coin sell for more.

Owning such 2000-P Sacagawea coins is s huge honor as a collector. Also, since they are rare, expect their value to keep rising.

So, ensure you treasure them because they’ll have great fortune in the future. Below are the other vital aspects of these coins.

  • The US Mint struck a few pieces of the error coin in 2000
  • They have a record price of 4,750 USD in Mint State 65.


11. 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Mule (George Washington Quarter)

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Mule (George Washington Quarter)

In May 2000, a collector, Frank Willis, discovered this rare error on the Sacagawea dollar. This mistake entails the reverse of a Sacagawea dollar but the obverse of a statehood quarter.

Like the 2000-P double denomination of the Maryland quarter, this coin has the same mistake. Here, the artisans struck the coin on a George Washington 25-cent dollar.

On the obverse, the coin has details of George Washington. But on the reverse, there’s the Sacagawea’s soaring eagle.

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After Frank Willis’ discovery, the Mint found more mulled Sacagawea 2000-P coins through circulation channels. Today, numismatists have only found 16 to 17 coins with such errors. Different collectors own these valuable coins.

Owning such a 2000-P Sacagawea dollar isn’t easy. If you get lucky to own the coin, take care of it.

Also, if you have a coin but are unsure of it, take it to a local coin shop for an expert to check. The following are the other facts to note about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia Mint struck them in 2000.
  • They have a record price of 155,250 USD at a Mint State of 66.



Most collectors desire to own the 2000-P Sacagawea coins. When in their best condition, expect these coins to fetch you a lot of money.

These coins have a few varieties in today’s market. Also, the Mint made a few pieces, making them rare.

One of the best varieties was the presentation type given to the designer, Glenn Goodacre. It’s a gem that the Mint’s artisans made to perfection.

Other types have some special errors, like multiple strikes. You won’t get such flaws on most types of coins, whether modern or ancient. Either way, they are worth a fortune.

So, among these 2000-P Sacagawea coins, which one has won your heart? We would love to know your thoughts.


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  3. I was searching for certain gold coins on ebay and found a listing for (2) gold toned Sacagawea One Dollar coins, priced at $2k. After i quit laughing and shaking my head i did some research, which led me here… I am stunned at what I am reading on this page. Somewhere in a box in my cluttered garage is a “Cheerios” sample still in its wrapper, maybe more, because i used to toss cereal box toys in a drawer. They were all packed away in a box when i moved years ago. I now must find that box.

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