16 Most Valuable Presidential Dollar Coins Worth Money (Rarest List)

In December 2005, President George Bush signed the making of the presidential 1 USD coin into law. But which ones have much higher prices than their face value?

These dollars honored the achievements of the US presidents who passed on. A president should have died at least two years ago for their faces to be on the coin.

The value of these coins comes from the number of pieces the Mint made. Dollar coins with errors have a better deal than the circulated versions with only face values.

Here are the 16 most valuable presidential dollar coins that will interest you. As a collector, add them to your list while they are still common.

Most Valuable Presidential Dollar Coins

1. 2007-P Washington (Broad Strike)

2007-P Washington (Broad Strike)

Being the first presidential dollar coin, the US released, you should expect it to attract the interest of most collectors. You’ll make a profit from these coins because of their rich history.

The government allowed people to buy boxes with 250 USD of these coins. One could order them for the face value price without paying the postage fees.

They have a low rarity in today’s market. So, as a collector or miner, it will be easy to get them, especially the circulated grades.

But as for the versions with high mint grades, they aren’t easy to get. Their broad strike error on the obverse makes the coin more attractive.

If you own the best version of this coin, keep it well because it is a fortune. Below are more key facts about these coins.

  • The Philadelphia Mint released it in 2007.
  • The coins have an average price of 575 USD, depending on the condition.


2. 2007-S Washington Proof

2007-S Washington Proof

Like any other proof coin, these dollars are a fortune because of their rarity. Also, they have a high coin rating when in their best state. The PCGS rates the best version at PR 70.

No collector wouldn’t wish to own a coin with a PR 70 rating. These coins have many vital details on both sides with a fine finishing.

Artisans took time to craft them on special dies. Such coins never went into circulation. The following are the other specifications of these coins.

  • The San Francisco Mint struck around 3,965,989 pieces in 2007.
  • Their prices range from 14.95 USD to around 329 USD. It varies with the quality.


3. 2007 Washington (Without Edge Lettering)

2007 Washington (Without Edge Lettering)

You’ll enjoy these coins’ profits in uncirculated or high-grade versions. The errors will draw the attention of buyers. But will add less value to the dollar.

Remember, the Mint state coins with this error will have their value rise in the future. They are dollar coins that attract the hearts of most collectors today.

You can find the coins in your pocket change or on the market at a great price. If it’s in excellent condition with a shiny luster and a few marks, treasure it. Also, here are more facts about these coins:

  • The Philadelphia Mint struck 176,680,000 pieces, but only a few have the lettering error.
  • In their best grade, these coins sell for around 17,625 USD.


4. 2007 John Adams (Without Edge Lettering)

2007 John Adams (Without Edge Lettering)

These coins were among the first presidential coins to have errors. The Philadelphia mint struck them without the edge lettering. Remember, this letter was a P-mark from the Mint.

Though mintage mistakes don’t influence the coin’s value, collectors seek them to complete their collection. They sell for many dollars when in an uncirculated state.

The Philadelphia Mint struck around 112,420,000 pieces. Today, there are still many pieces of these coins left.

So, that’s why the coin’s lower grades don’t have much value. Now, here are more facts about these presidential coins.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2007.
  • In the highest mint grade, the coin sells for around 141,000 USD.


5. 2007-S John Adams’ Proof

2007-S John Adams' Proof

Before selling this coin, you’ll love its luster, which has no marks. Also, the coins come with zero flaws. Every collector will be proud to add this gem to their list.

Remember, the San Francisco Mint only struck them for collectors and had no circulation. The other two mints, Philadelphia and Denver, never hit the coin’s proof version.

Also, expect them to sell for even more dollars in the future. It’s because they’ll become rarer as the coin market changes. Read on to see the great aspects of these coins.

  • The San Francisco Mint released 3,965,989 pieces of the coin.
  • The prices range from 4 USD in PR 65 to around 100,000 USD.


6. 2008-S Monroe’s Proof

2008-S Monroe's Proof

These proof coins came out in well-struck and preserved status by the artisans. They made every detail to perfection to see that the coins were perfect. Go for it if you are a collector that yearns to honor President Monroe’s legacy.

Today, the PCGS gives the coins a PR 70 Deep Cameo rating. It provides the currency with excellent taste and value in today’s and future coinage markets.

You’ll be lucky to own such a coin in your collection. Below are more aspects that show this coin is of value.

  • San Francisco struck 3,083,940 pieces in 2008.
  • Their prices range from at least 4 USD to around 235 USD.


7. 2008-S Van Buren Proof

2008-S Van Buren Proof

San Francisco released these proof coins to remember President Martin Van Buren’s reign. So, the artisans ensured that every detail on this coin was perfect.

Like most proof coins, they have a high rarity. You’ll see it if you compare it to the other presidential dollar coins in circulation.

Also, the PCGS rates most of them at PR 70, Deep Cameo. Such a coin is a target for most collectors. Now, take a look at more aspects of these gems.

  • The San Francisco Mint struck around 3,000,000 pieces in 2008.
  • Prices start at about 4 USD and go up to around 5980 USD.


8. 2008-S J. Q Adams Proof

2008-S J. Q Adams Proof

As for this collectible, the US released it to honor their sixth president. Every detail on both sides of the coin shows the passion the artisans used to make the coins.

These coins were only meant for collectors when the Mint struck them. So, don’t expect to get them as your pocket change.

It’s a coin for those who loved President Adams’ leadership. It was from 1825 to 1829. Here is more information about these coins.

  • The San Francisco Mint made around 3,083,000 pieces in 2008.
  • They go from a price of about 4 USD to around 161 USD. It varies with the condition.


9. 2008-S Jackson Proof

2008-S Jackson Proof

Owning this proof coin is a great honor for the US’s seventh president. He was there from 1829 to 1837. The artisan made every detail on this coin to perfection.

People loved Jackson because he was a veteran of the US revolution. Also, President Jackson opened several branch mints in 1935. It helped create more employment and boost the US economy.

As a collector, you can get this coin to help recall these powerful events. Below are the other facts about these presidential coins.

  • Their prices range from 4 USD to 170 USD, depending on the condition.
  • The San Francisco Mint struck over 3,000,000 pieces in 2008.


10. 2009-S Harrison Proof

2009-S Harrison Proof

If you loved the reign of President William Henry Harrison, this treasure fits you. Also, the luster and appearance of the details make the coin precious.

President William Harrison was among the people with the shortest terms. He died a month after his inauguration. So, this history makes the coin unique from the other presidential coins.

It’s also the first presidential dollar coin with the US motto on the obverse. The coin comes with 13 beautiful stars on the edges.

Buy this fantastic mint-proof coin and fill your collection. Read on to see the other aspects of this coin.

  • It’s a gem from the San Francisco Mint in 2009.
  • The Mint struck only 2,809,452 pieces.
  • The coins’ prices start from 7 USD to at least 125 USD.


11. 2009-S Tyler Proof

2009-S Tyler Proof

You can go for these valuables in their best state to recall President John Tyler’s time. This president took over after William Harrison died.

President Tyler was the one who annexed Texas. Such events make people sacrifice to get these coins.

The Mint made them in limited numbers. So, expect them to have a higher rarity than some presidential dollar coins.

They are gems that you should add to your collection today. The following are the other brilliant aspects of these coins.

  • The San Francisco Mint struck around 2,809,452 pieces in 2009.
  • Their prices range from around 4 USD to 248 USD.


12. 2015-P Truman Reverse Proof

2015-P Truman Reverse Proof

This coin has one of the highest values because of its rarity today. The currency is for collectors who loved President Harry Truman’s reign.

During his leadership, he pushed the army to fight nations against capitalism. Also, he aided the European countries in reviving their economies. It was after the World War II.

Ensure you get this reverse coin before the market trends change. They’ll be a great gem in the future. Here are more ideas about the coins.

  • They sell at around 400 USD when in their best state.
  • The Philadelphia Mint struck only 16,812 pieces of this coin.


13. 2012-S Cleveland 2nd Term Proof

2012-S Cleveland 2nd Term Proof

As for this coin, the US released them to be proud of President Cleveland’s 2nd term. He was at first the 22nd and later on the 24th US president. Isn’t that a unique achievement among the other late US presidents?

Expect this coin to give you a lot of money from its sale. It is because the Mint struck them using the highest qualities. These coins came for collectors only.

Remember, President Cleveland fought corruption and brought in federal laws on trade. He appointed people based on their parties.

If his acts as a leader impress you, get the coins on your list today. The following are the other facts about the coins.

  • Their prices range from 11 USD to at least 45 USD.
  • The San Francisco Mint struck 1,438,743 pieces in 2012.


14. 2009-S Zachary Taylor Proof

2009-S Zachary Taylor Proof

The San Francisco Mint released the coins as the best way to show love to President Taylor’s regime. These proof coins have the best finishes. All the details on both sides are appealing.

President Taylor was the 12th to lead the US. He introduced the regulations that made California and New Mexico into states during this time. So, they had to make their state laws.

These coins also have some rarity. The Mint struck them for a short time and only for collectors.

Ensure you don’t let this fantastic gem fail to be on your list. Get them while they are still circulating. Also, here are the other key facts about the coin.

  • The San Francisco Mint struck 2,809,452 pieces of this coin in 2009.
  • Their value ranges from at least 4 USD to around 160 USD.


15. 2007-S Madison Proof

2007-S Madison Proof

These coins are one of the best ways the US government honors President Madison. They were the last ones that the US released during the first year of presidential dollars.

Expect the coin to have frosted details on both sides with mirror-like luster. It’s something that makes collectors pay more for it.

The PCGS grades the best version of these coins at PR 70. Also, below are more facts to know about these coins.

  • The San Francisco mint made 3,965,898 pieces in 2007.
  • Their prices range from 4 USD to 127 USD. It depends on the coin’s present condition.


16. 2007-P John Adams (Double Struck Edge Lettering)

2007-P John Adams (Double Struck Edge Lettering)

This gem will also give you a profit from selling it. They honor President Adams but have an error in their lettering. It’s on the mint mark and the US motto on the coin’s edge.

Also, the coin has a double strike that is off center. Remember, errors have less impact on the coin’s value. But owning such coins isn’t a common aspect for every coin collector.

Its value will keep increasing in the coinage market in the future. So, if you have the uncirculated version, it’s a fortune; treasure it. Below are the other facts about this coin.

  • Their prices range from 21 USD to 1800 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2007.



Most presidential dollars are valuable when in uncirculated or proof versions. Also, the ones with errors like the missing edge lettering are better than the normal ones.

The US released these coins to treasure the work done by US presidents who passed on. Various collectors go for the dollars of the presidents that they love.

These coins are part of the latest series of US coins. Their value will keep rising in the future. As they circulate, some remain rare and of high grade.

So, among these presidential dollar coins, which one do you have on your list? Please let us know.


  1. Is a 2012 P gold dollar with a mint( date is around the flat edge and E PLURIBUS is on the flat edge also…how much is it worth and it’s in excellent condition

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