1945 Quarter Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1945 Quarter Value

The US Mint produced the first silver quarters in 1796, while the last series was minted in 1964. Sculptor John F. Flanagan designed quarters, and the first pieces appeared in circulation in 1932. After a pause in 1933, the US Mint continued the production in 1934, which has lasted until today.

That makes these coins one of the longest-minting series. The 1945 quarter value depends on the silver prices on the stock market since coins struck this year contain 90% of this precious metal. On the other hand, their value is modest due to the relatively high production.

1945 silver quarter value Chart

Condition 1945 quarter (No Mint mark) 1945 D quarter 1945 S quarter
Good $6.02 $6.02 $6.02
Very good $6.02 $6.02 $6.02
Fine $6.02 $6.02 $6.02
Very fine $6.02 $6.02 $6.02
Extra fine $6.65 $7 $6.65
AU $7 $12 $7
MS 60 $8.15 $18 $8.15
MS 63 $44 $49 $41
PR 63 / / /


Value Guides of the 1945 Washington Silver Quarter

The impressive mintage of 103,717,601 pieces was an introduction to an even higher number of Washington quarters produced after the war. Three mints minted these silver coins from regular strikes, but without proofs. Most are affordable, but some highest-rating specimens can be surprisingly expensive.

Remember that those quarter dollars are never worthless because the silver they contain has its own price on the precious metal market. In other words, you can sell even pieces in the worst condition as junk silver, although they are without a numismatic value.

1945 Washington silver quarter Value (No Mint mark)

1945 Washington silver quarter (No Mint mark)

Precisely 74,372,000 of 103,717,601 Washington silver quarters minted during the last year of war came from Philadelphia. As always, such a high mintage results in modest prices on the current coin market.

While most coins in circulated condition are worth $5 to $8.50, the price range of well-preserved ones is wide. You can find excellent pieces for $7 to $65, while those in an MS 67 often cost $350 to $420.

1945 Washington silver quarter value

Condition 1945 quarter (No Mint mark) 1945 D quarter 1945 S quarter
Good $5 $4.92 $4.92
Very good $5 $4.92 $4.92
Fine $5 $4.92 $4.92
Very fine $5 $4.92 $4.92
Extra fine $5 $4.92 $4.92
AU $6.50 to $8.50 $6.50 to $8.50 $6.50 to $8
MS 60 $7.25 to $8.70 $7.25 to $9 $7 to $8.70
MS 61 $7.50 to $9 $7.50 to $9 $7.50 to $9
MS 62 $8 to $9.30 $8 to $9 $9 to $10
MS 63 $8.25 to $9.90 $20 to $24 $10 to $14
MS 64 $11 to $13 $23 to $27 $15 to $20
MS 65 $27 to $35 $26 to $35 $25 to $35
MS 66 $55 to $66 $45 to $65 $50 to $65
MS 67 $350 to $420 $400 to $480 $260 to $300
MS 68 $7,000 to $8,500 $14,000 to $16,000 /

Collectors with high budgets can afford rare quarters with the highest rating. A few known specimens are estimated at $7,000 to $8,500. One of these coins without the mint mark became the most expensive after selling for $16,450 at an auction in 2015.

1945 Washington silver quarter Value (proof)

The US Mint struck proof Washington quarters by 1942, the second war year, and then paused the production by 1950. Therefore, it is impossible to find 1945 quarters intended for collectors with a frosted look, well-defined design, and glamorous shine.

1945 D Washington silver quarter Value

1945 D Washington silver quarter

One of three mints producing Washington silver quarters in 1945 was the one in Denver. That year, 12,341,600 coins with the D letter on the reverse bottom were produced.

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Even though that number was significantly lower than in the Philadelphia mint, both coin types in low grades have almost the same price. So, you can buy one circulated specimen for $5 to $8, while most perfectly preserved ones cost up to $480.

You can notice that the most significant difference is among pieces in an MS 68 grade. In this case, rare and ultimately collectible quarters are estimated to be $14,000 to $16,000.

The 1945 D MS 68 Washington silver quarter is the most expensive in the entire series. One collector purchased this great coin at an auction for $20,400.

1945 S Washington silver quarter

1945 S Washington silver quarter

The mintage in San Francisco was slightly higher than the one in Denver. This mint produced 17,004,001 quarters made of silver in 1945, and their current price is $5 to $65, depending on condition. On average, pieces in an MS 67 grade cost only $260 to $300, while there are no existing higher-rated coins.

Even the most expensive quarter sold at an auction reached a modest price compared to coins from the other two mints. In 2020, one collector paid $7,200 for one quarter with the S letter on the reverse at Stack’s Bowers.

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1945 Washington Silver Quarter Errors

The 1945 Washington silver quarters came without famous varieties, key dates, or particular rarities. It is unlikely that you can make money on any of these coins.

In fact, no quarters were struck this year with an officially recognized error. Despite that, collectors found minor imperfections that sometimes slightly affect the price.

Some of those errors include variations on the band, peeling on the surface, and the mint mark double punching. The crucial thing is to differentiate mechanical errors that occurred during minting from damage while circulating. If you are unsure about your coin, the best option is to consult a professional.

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The 1945 Washington Silver Quarter History

The US Mint produced quarters made of silver from 1796 to 1964, so the 1945 Washington quarter is in this group of valuable silver coins. Nowadays, finding quarters minted before 1932 can be challenging, making the series with the Washington image on the obverse most common on the market.

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Interestingly, you can’t find quarters produced in 1931 and 1933. The last Standing Liberty quarter came into circulation in 1930, while the first pieces with Washington on the obverse appeared in 1932.

Sculptor Flanagan created this famous coin, honoring the President’s bicentennial birthday. Unfortunately, the Great Depression decreased demand for all coinage, and the US Mint didn’t produce quarters and half-dollars in 1933.

After that pause, the minting continued in 1934, and the US Mint has struck these coins until today. Both designs, Standing Liberty and Washington quarters, were in circulation for the following three decades.

In 1964, excessive coin hoarding led to the silver coinage discontinuation. Consequently, only those pieces with a date before 1964 are valuable in any condition because of the precious metal content.

Even though the US Mint replaced silver coins with a more economical variation and introduced copper-nickel quarters, those made of silver have never been officially demonetized. Therefore, you can still use them as legal tender for everyday transactions, but practically no one does that.

In most cases, these coins’ face value is significantly lower than their numismatic and bullion value. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find them circulating, including pieces in the worst condition.

1945 Washington silver quarter

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia No Mint mark 1945 quarter 74,372,000
Denver 1945 D quarter 12,341,600
San Francisco 1945 S quarter 17,004,001
Total / 103,717,601

The US Mint produced 1945 silver Washington quarters in the year when WWII was finally over and American troops returned home. As expected, the economy needed to adjust to new circumstances, which was reflected in the amount of minted money that year.

Despite high mintage in the previous decade, the quarter mintage was slightly lower in 1945. This fact, combined with silver content, affects their prices on the current coin market and makes these coins collectible.

However, none of these specimens are on the list of key dates or the most expensive quarters of all time. You can find only a few exceptions, like quarters minted in 1942, 1943, and 1950, but all the most desirable coins from this series were minted during the 1930s.

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How to Identify 1945 Washington Silver Quarter?

The 1945 Washington quarters are silver coins minted during the last year of WWII. The result of relatively high production is the modest value of these coins, but they are still collectible because of their beauty and historical importance.

The 1945 Washington silver quarter obverse

1945 Washington silver quarter obverse

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The obverse has Houdin’s portrait of the first American President as imagined by sculptor John Flanagan. In front of the image facing left is an inscription, IN GOD WE TRUST.

The entire composition is surrounded by the word LIBERTY and the DATE, 1945. You can also notice the small letters JF, representing the designer’s initials, on the bust’s neck truncation.

The 1945 Washington silver quarter reverse

The 1945 Washington silver quarter reverse

The complex reverse depicts a large American bald eagle in the center. It proudly stays on a bundle of arrows with widely extended wings. Below the image are two olive branches and a QUARTER DOLLAR, showing the coin denomination.

Above the bird’s head is the necessary Latin motto broken into two lines. Finally, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, written in capital letters, is placed along the top rim. Some coins also have the mint mark between the branch ends and the denomination.

1945 Washington silver quarter

Face value 25 cents ($0.25)
Compound 90% silver and 10% copper
Precious metal content 0.18085 troy ounces (5.63)
Coin weight 0.20095 troy ounces (6.25 g)
Shape Round
Coin thickness 0.68899 (1.75 mm)
Coin diameter 0.95473 inches (24.25 mm)
Edge Reeded

Other features of the 1945 Washington silver quarter

The 1945 Washington silver quarter contains 90% of this precious metal, while the rest is copper. It is precisely 0.18085 troy ounces (5.63) of the total coin weight of 0.20095 troy ounces (6.25 g).

Since silver and copper are valuable metals nowadays, this coin type is always a jackpot, regardless of condition. It is round and has a diameter of 0.95473 inches (24.25 mm) and a reeded edge, while its thickness is 0.68899 (1.75 mm).

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What makes Washington silver quarters from 1945 Rare?

Most quarters minted in 1945 are common without valuable variations and errors. Therefore, you can consider only coins in the highest grades rare and pricey.

Interestingly, some people are not collectors and buy these specimens only because of their investment potential. Since silver is always valuable and sought after on the stock market, non-collectible coins are worth similarly to this precious metal.

On the other hand, well-preserved pieces bring additional premium as collectibles. That means you can’t make a mistake when replacing cash with coins, regardless of their quality.

Which 1945 Washington silver quarters are highly valuable?

  • The 1945 D MS 68 silver quarter won the premium price of $20,400 at Stack’s Bowers in 2021
  • The 1945 MS 68 silver quarter won the premium price of $16,450 at Heritage Auctions in 2015
  • The 1945 S MS 67 silver quarter won the premium price of $7,200 at Stack’s Bowers in 2020
  • The 1945 S MS 66 DDO silver quarter won the premium price of $870 at Heritage Auctions in 2018
  • The 1945 S MS 66 DDO silver quarter won the premium price of $840 at Heritage Auctions in 2018
  • The 1945 MS 65 DDO silver quarter won the premium price of $552 at Heritage Auctions in 2018

How much money can you get for the No Mint mark 1945 Washington silver quarter?

Most 1945 Washington silver quarters from the Philadelphia mint are worth $5 to $8.50, but those in higher grades are more expensive. Many excellent coins cost $7 to $420, depending on the preservation level, while the most pricey ones can reach $7,000 to $8,500 at auctions.

What are the most costly Washington silver quarters?

The most expensive is the 1932 D MS 66 silver quarter. One collector paid $143,750 in 2008 to get it. Other expensive coins cost less, but their value is also impressive. For instance, dedicated collectors set aside high sums for the following Washington quarters:

  • The 1932 S MS 66 quarter reached $45,500
  • The 1949 D MS 68 quarter reached $43,475
  • The 1948 MS 68+ quarter reached $43,200
  • The 1932 MS 67 quarter reached $40,250

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