1995 Quarter Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1995 Quarter Value

A quarter denomination appeared in American coinage in 1796 for the first time, but the US Mint started producing pieces with the 1st President on the obverse in 1932. The idea was to strike one-year commemorative silver coins as a way to celebrate his birth bicentennial.

However, the design came to regular circulation after a year of pause. Even though the Washington quarters are 25-cent coins, you can often find that the 1995 quarter value is much higher than their face value.

1995 quarter value Chart

Condition 1995 P quarter 1995 D quarter 1995 S clad proof quarter 1995 S silver proof quarter
MS 65 $16 $14 / /
PR 63 / / $9.14 $10.82

1995 Quarter Value Guides

The 1995 Washington quarters were minted in three mints, with a total mintage of 2,110,349,481 pieces. While Philadelphia and Denver produced coins from the regular strike, the mint in San Francisco minted two proof types. You can recognize proof quarters made of:

  • Copper and nickel alloy with a copper core, similar to regular coins
  • A small number of quarter errors made of 90% silver

1995 P quarter Value

1995 P Washington quarter Value

Many of the 1,004,336,000 quarters struck in 1995 in Philadelphia spent a long time in circulation, resulting in insignificant prices. These coins are not collectible and are typically worth their face value.

1995 Washington quarter value

Condition 1995 P quarter 1995 D quarter
Good $0.25 $0.25
Very good $0.25 $0.25
Fine $0.25 $0.25
Very fine $0.25 $0.25
Extra fine $0.25 $0.25
AU $0.25 $0.25
MS 60 $0.35 $0.35
MS 61 $0.35 $0.35
MS 62 $0.35 $0.35
MS 63 $0.50 $0.50
MS 64 $0.75 $0.75
MS 65 $1 $1
MS 66 $15 to $18 $18 to $21.60
MS 67 $50 to $60 $60 to $80

On the other hand, you can count on $0.35 to $20 if you have a piece in the mint state. Only the highest-graded quarters can reach a price of $50 to $60 or sometimes even more.

For instance, the most expensive coin in the set is one of those minted in Philadelphia. This rare specimen with an MS 68 rating was sold at Heritage Auctions in 2019 for $3,600.

1995 D quarter Value

1995 D Washington quarter Value

Since the realized mintage in Denver is only slightly higher than the one in Philadelphia, you can expect these coins to have similar prices. Therefore, any of the 1,103,216,000 quarters produced in 1995 are worth their face value after spending some time in circulation.

However, you can expect to get about $20 to $80 for pieces in the highest grades. It can be challenging to find quarters with this date on the obverse rated over MS 67, making them rare.

Therefore, one collector set aside $1,293 in 2017 for the MS 67+ Washington quarter at Goldberg Auctioneers. This beautiful specimen is still the best-graded among coins struck this year.

1995 S quarter Value

1995 S Washington quarter Value

The San Francisco mint produced only proof quarters in 1995, but you can recognize two types with this date. They differ in composition, quality, and color.

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1995 proof Washington quarter value

Condition 1995 S DCAM clad quarter 1995 S DCAM silver quarter
PR 67 $1 $7
PR 68 $2.50 $8
PR 69 $6 $9
PR 70 $14 $55

 The mintage of the 1995 S quarter proofs made of the copper core with a copper-nickel outer layer was 2,117,496 pieces. Their price depends on the preservation level, and coins typically cost $1 to $15. However, one lovely PR 70 DCAM clad-quarter was paid $380 at an auction.

The same mint struck a low number of 679,985 silver Washington quarters in 1995 intended for collectors. Their average price is $7 to $55, but one of the highest-rating specimens came with a cost of $386 at an auction in 2007.

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1995 Washington Quarter Errors

Since the US Mint produced over two billion of 1995 Washington quarters, you would expect to find a bunch of errors among regular coinage. However, it is not the case.

Modern technology reduced the possibility of mistakes to a minimum, leaving numerous collectors without unique pieces they like. You can sometimes come across specimens with some minor imperfections, but they are neither rare nor particularly valuable.

1995 Quarter Die break

1995 Quarter Die break

Rare existing error quarters are typically the result of the minting equipment wear and tear. In this case, some coins can be improperly struck because of the die break. When such a die strikes a planchet, the crack will leave a bump or raised lines on the coin surface.

1995 Quarter Off-center

1995 Quarter Off-center

The possible misalignment of the die or planchet results in a so-called off-center strike when the die fails to hit the coin’s center. In such a case, you can see a crescent moon-looking space on the coin surface of various percentages.

1995 Quarter Clipped planchet error

1995 Quarter Clipped planchet error

When the imperfectly shaped planchet is being cut into a circle, the produced coins won’t be round as required but cut in unusual ways. These quarters typically miss a part, or their shape is oblong or rugby ball-like.

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History of the 1995 Washington Quarter

Washington quarter history began in 1931, during the Great Depression, the most horrible economic breakdown in American history. Officials believed that coins with a portrait of the beloved first President could help Americans to find the light at the end of the dark and horrifying tunnel full of suffering.

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Despite massive unemployment and thousands of people in the line in front of soup kitchens, the nation wanted to celebrate George Washington’s 200th birth anniversary.

The Treasury Department wanted to see the President’s image on half dollars and organized a design competition. The new coin should have had Washington’s bust, which most Americans liked, and the reverse with typical American symbols.

The decision was changed later, and Washington appeared on quarters instead of halves. The Commission got about 100 different designs made by 98 competition participants, who were primarily amateurs in creating designs for coins.

Laura Gardin Fraser sent an exceptional coin design, and the Commission got the decision unanimously. Unfortunately, Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon, disapproved of choosing one woman for such a responsible task and picked out John Flanagan’s work instead.

The new Treasury Secretary, Ogden Mills, supported his predecessor’s decision. So, the new, complicated design inconvenient for minting stayed valid.

As a result, produced coins lacked artistic appeal and got weak design elements. For instance, the motto was particularly poorly defined and barely readable even in quarters in the mint state.

1995 Washington quarter

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1995 P quarter 1,004,336,000
Denver 1995 D quarter 1,103,216,000
San Francisco 1995 S quarter proof 2,117,496
San Francisco 1995 S quarter silver proof 679,985
Total / 2,110,349,481

The first Washington quarters were released into circulation in 1932, and the production continued after a pause in 1933. Nowadays, coins from the early period are highly collectible and considered key dates. Therefore, collectors look for them regardless of grade, but you can expect pieces in the mint state to be the most precious.

Be prepared to find counterfeit coins sometimes and learn how to distinguish them from real ones. The most common fraud is adding the mint mark S or D on specimens produced in Philadelphia, increasing their value.

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How to identify 1995 Washington Quarter?

The 1995 Washington quarter is a modern coin with a design that includes numerous symbols crucial for the great American nation. It combines symbols that show peace efforts and preparation for war and emphasizes the necessity of unity to preserve the country’s strength and power.

The obverse of the 1995 Washington quarter

The obverse of the 1995 Washington quarter

The 1995 Washington quarter obverse is the same as in other coins in the series designed by John Flanagan. You can see a centrally positioned image of the first President and one of the Founding Fathers with added inscriptions.

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Above his head is struck the word LIBERTY, while the motto IN GOD WE TRUST is engraved on the left. Finally, you can spot the DATE, 1995, below the bust, along the bottom coin rim.

While letters JF, the designer’s initials, are on the bust truncation, the corresponding mint mark is struck right of the bow holding President’s hair. Since all three mints produced coins with marks, you can recognize their production place after finding one of three letters, P, S, or D.

The reverse of the 1995 Washington quarter

The reverse of the 1995 Washington quarter

The 1995 Washington quarter reverse is full of symbols, making the entire design a bit overcrowded. A sizable bald eagle with spread wings is placed in the center. It sits above two olive branches while holding arrows in its talons.

That way, the designer combined two strong symbols, glorifying war efforts and the tendency for peace at the same time. Above the bird’s head is written E PLURIBUS UNUM, symbolizing unity, with the country name along the top rim.

Finally, there is a denomination struck in capital letters. Flanagan placed the words QUARTER DOLLAR at the bottom, along the coin rim.

1995 Washington quarter

Feature Clad composition Silver composition
Face value 25 cents ($0.25) 25 cents ($0.25)
Shape Round Round
Compound 91.67% copper with nickel, meaning the coin has a core of copper and an outer layer of copper-nickel alloy (75%: 25%) 90% silver with a low percentage of copper
Coin thickness 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm) 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm)
Coin diameter 0.95669 inches (24.3 mm) 0.95669 inches (24.3 mm)
Silver weight / 0.18080 troy ounces (5.63 g)
Coin weight 0.20000 ounces (5.67 g) 0.20094 troy ounces (6.25 g)
Edge Reeded Reeded

Other features of the 1995 Washington quarter

The 1995 Washington quarter with clad composition is a round coin made of copper core and a thin coat that contains nickel and copper. Its weight is 0.20000 ounces (5.67 g), and 91.67% goes to copper.

The 1995 Washington quarter with silver composition is a 25-cent coin made of 90% silver with a low copper percentage. Its weight is 0.20094 troy ounces (6.25 g), including 0.18080 troy ounces (5.62 g) of silver.

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Be aware that thickness and diameter are standard for all quarters. Therefore, both of these lovely, 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm) thick pieces have a reeded edge and diameter of 0.95669 inches (24.3 mm).

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What makes a 1995 Washington quarter rare?

In most cases, error coins are unique and rare pieces, and their absence often makes a set ordinary and inexpensive. That way, many collectors remain unchallenged and without the possibility of looking for oddities.

Quarters minted this year are standard coins, and almost none of the minting pieces are particularly scarce.

Which 1995 Washington quarters are the most expensive in the set?

  • In June 2019 at Heritage Auctions, the 1995 P MS 68 Washington quarter came to $3,600
  • In June 2017 at Goldberg Auctioneers, the 1995 D MS 67+ Washington quarter came to $1,293
  • In July 2010 at Heritage Auctions, the 1995 S PR 69 DDO DCAM Washington clad quarter came to $920
  • In December 2007 at Heritage Auctions, the 1995 S PR 70 DCAM Washington silver quarter came to $386
  • In December 2003 at Heritage Auctions, the 1995 S PR 70 DCAM Washington clad quarter came to $380

How much is the 1995 P Washington quarter worth?

Since 1995 P Washington quarters are abundant nowadays, you can expect them to cost only their face value. Only the highest-graded pieces can be worth more, about $0.35 to $60, depending on quality and beauty. Interestingly, one such piece won an auction record in 2019 when selling for $3,600, becoming the most expensive piece in the set.

What are the most expensive Washington quarters sold at auctions?

The Washington quarter produced in Denver in 1932 is the most costly coin in the series ever sold at an auction. This piece, with an MS 66 rating, came to $143,750 at Bowers & Merena in 2008. The list of precious quarters also includes:

  • In 2008, the 1932 D MS 66 Washington quarter ($143,750)
  • In 2020, the 1932 S MS 66 Washington Quarter ($45,500)
  • In 2019, the 1949 D MS 68 Washington Quarter ($43,475)
  • In 2021, the 1948 MS 68+Washington Quarter ($43,200)
  • In 2012, the 1932 MS 67 Washington Quarter ($40,250)

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