1921 Silver Dollar Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1921 Silver Dollar Value

David Hall, the founder of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), described the 1921 silver dollars as “very interesting.” Even as the 1921 silver dollar coins get a lot of love, do you have any of them in your collection? Can you create a fortune from these coins?

Today, you’ll find the 1921 silver dollar in two types. Both the Peace and Morgan versions attract many dealers.

But the peace series will earn you a lot of profit. The coins have a high rarity level and a rich history.

So, from this article, expect to learn everything entailing the 1921 silver dollar value. By the end of it, you’ll know the best price to sell or buy your 1921 silver dollar coin.

1921 Silver Dollar Value by Various Versions

Below is the perfect guide to the costs of different types of 1921 silver dollars. The values differ because of their conditions, kind, and mint mark. They’ll help you get the best bargain for your 1921 silver dollar.

1921 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark At least 23.68 USD At least 24.54 USD At least 27.24 USD At least 43.59 USD
1921 Peace Silver Dollar without Mint Mark At least 82 USD At least 111 USD At least 161 USD At least 1000 USD
1921 “D” Silver Dollar At least 23.68 USD At least 24.54 USD At least 27.24 USD At least 47.75 USD
1921 “S” Silver Dollar At least 23.68 USD At least 24.54 USD At least 27.24 USD At least 47.75 USD

1921 Silver Dollar Value Guides

You now have a clear picture of your 1921 silver dollar. Below are details of the prices. They’ll help you not to sell or buy the coin at an incorrect price.

Remember, market prices can change due to various trends. Also, the PCGS approves these gradings and their values.

1921 no mint mark Silver Dollar value

1921 Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark

You can get or sell these coins at the least price of 23.68 USD in their good scale. Expect this coin to earn you at least 24.54 USD in the fine level.

It will give or cost you at least 27 USD in the EF 40 grade and at least 43 USD in the MS 60. The values are low because the Philadelphia mint struck them in high numbers.

1921 Peace no mint mark Silver Dollar value

1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark

Owning any 1921 peace silver dollar is a great treasure. You’ll earn around 82 USD when in their G 4 state. The coin can give at least 111 USD in their F 12 condition.

When on an EF 40 scale, the coin will give you at least 161 USD. More smiles will be unto you if the coin lies uncirculated.

You’ll earn around 368 USD. Such coins are every collector’s joy today.

1921 “S” Silver Dollar value

1921 “S” Silver Dollar

Any 1921 “S” silver dollar in its lowest grade, G 4, will cost you at least 23 USD. At a fine grade of F 12, the coin rates at least 24 USD.

The coin goes for at least 43 USD if it is in the EF state. You smile if the coin lies in the MS of at least 60. You’ll get at least 47 USD from the sale.

1921 “D” Silver Dollar value

1921 “D” Silver Dollar

Here, the coin will earn you at least 23 USD on the lowest scale of G 4. It will cost you around 24 USD on the F 12 scale.

Any 1921 “D” silver dollar in the EF grade will earn you at least 43 USD. The coin will give you at least 47 USD on the uncirculated scale.

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How to Grade the 1921 Silver Dollar

Before buying or selling your 1921 silver dollar coin, you should know its class. It helps you see the coin’s best price. So, the following are the key details to note when describing any 1921 silver dollar under various classes:

Uncirculated (MS 60)

For any 1921 silver dollar to have this class’s tag, it should have few or no marks. Such coins never went through any hands of trade.

The three US mints released them for a few coin collectors. But if they have any marks, sometimes you can’t see them with your naked eyes. It’s because of poor storage for many years.

Both the 1921 Morgan and Peace silver dollars have a sweet luster. You’ll see these looks on the portraits of both coins.

Remember, the faces are the first places to notice if a coin has marks. Expect the 1921 Peace silver dollars in this grade to have a better luster.

The artisans made some of them with a special high relief. It attracts the hearts of most coin collectors.

Extremely Fine (EF 40)

Once a 1921 silver coin goes through a bit of circulation, the coin loses its luster. You’d be lucky if your coin is in this grade and has some glow.

Better still, your 1921 silver dollar should look sharp. It will still have most key details and the mint beauty.

If it’s a 1921 Peace silver dollar, you’ll see marks on the tie around Miss Liberty’s head. But the hair strands still look great and trail back from her neck.

As for the 1921 Morgan silver dollar, you’ll see the wear signs on the hair. It tends to flatten behind the neck and forehead. Also, the lady’s cap will have some visible wear marks

Fine (F 12)

Here, it means your 1921 silver dollar coin went through many hands of trade. But despite the many marks of both sides, the coin still has some key details.

There’s much wear and flatness in the 1921 Peace silver dollar coins on Lady Liberty’s face. Also, the rays look more rounded and not sharp.

You’ll see that Lady Liberty’s hair seems to fade off. It comes because of too much wear. On the reverse, the olive leaves and eagle’s feathers are flat.

The letterings and year marks on these silver coins appear faded. Sometimes, the year mark will be close to the edges.

Good (G 4)

1921 silver dollars in this class went through many hands. Also, they have a low scale because of poor keeping by the owner.

Expect to see many wear marks and flattening on the obverse and reverse. Lady Liberty’s hair on both coins looks flat. Also, the eagle feathers on both versions have lost their beauty.

The 1921 Morgan silver dollar coins in this grade are bullions. As for the Peace dollars, they still have a great price in this state.

So, treasure the Peace versions in this grade well. You’ll earn a fortune from their sale.

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1921 Silver Dollar Errors

It wasn’t easy for the artists to make errors while minting coins. The rarity of these errors makes them sell for more dollars. But for the few exceptions, they will earn you a fortune when in a proper condition.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar off Center Strike

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar off Center Strike

While making the coins, the details of the planchet didn’t fit well into the blanks. So, some spaces close to the edge seem blank.

Since getting a coin with such an error isn’t easy, they have a price of at least 875 USD. Be sure to get much profit from the sale.

1921 “S” Morgan Silver Dollar Thorn Head Error

1921 “S” Morgan Silver Dollar Thorn Head Error

You’ll see this error if your 1921 “S” silver dollar has fewer marks. The thorn is common between the letterings on the reverse.

Such a coin has a market price of at least 350 USD. No collector would pass in the market without yearning to have this coin.

1921 “D” Morgan Silver Dollar with Missing “S” on “TRUST.”

Who’d ever imagine that mint artisans would miss striking a letter on a silver dollar coin? That rare error is with the missing “S” on the word “TRUST.” It may have come from the pressure the artists place on the coins during the striking.

Today, it’s not easy to get these coins. But if you own one, it will give you at least 150 USD, depending on its grade. Collectors value its rarity.

The 1921 Peace Silver Dollar Line Through L Error.

1921 Peace Silver Dollar Line Through L Error

With this error, the ray lines go over the “ONE DOLLAR” letterings. The few 1921 peace silver dollars with such a mistake are rare and of high quality. Its best price starts from at least 465 USD.

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History of the 1921 Silver Dollar

Like most silver dollars, these 1921 versions also have a rich and exciting history. It touches more on the US roots and World War I. Such facts attract many collectors.

In 1921, the silver dollar became a great hallmark in US coinage history. The US government released two versions of the silver dollar during this time.

George T. Morgan designed the art for the 1921 Morgan silver dollars. An Italian artist, Anthony de Francisci, created the art on the 1921 peace silver dollars.

As for the peace silver dollars, they came in to honor peace after World War I. Also, US citizens demanded a better look at the 1921 silver dollar.

It was after the release of the 1921 Morgan silver dollars. Remember, the Morgan silver dollar design honors the 300th year of the founding of Jamestown in Virginia.

Only three mints struck the 1921 Morgan silver dollar coins. Around 21,695,000 coins came from the San Francisco mint. The Denver mint made 20,345,000 pieces.

The Philadelphia mint struck 44,690,000 coins. Also, this mint struck 1,006,000 peace silver dollar coins in 1921.

People loved the new peace design. Today, collectors value the 1921 peace silver. It is because these were the first versions of the peace dollars.

From this point, the 1921 Peace silver dollars gained a lot of value. Remember, the US recreated special dies to make all the 1921 silver dollars. Such facts make dealers and collectors rate these coins at a high price.

In the later years, the mints adopted making peace silver dollars. The latest version of the peace dollar came in 2021.

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how to identify 1921 Silver Dollar?

If you want to know your coin’s value, it is safe to understand its aspects. It’s easy to separate both the Morgan and peace silver dollars.

But some key features are similar on both coins. They can confuse you if you aren’t keen.

The Obverse of the 1921 Silver Dollar

1921 Silver Dollar Obverse

All 1921 silver dollar coins have Lady Liberty’s portrait left on the obverse. George Morgan made the Morgan silver dollars’ art with Liberty’s portrait wearing a cap.

The striking cap has a sheath and some leaves. They carry a deep message about the US heritage.

As for the peace silver dollar coins, Lady Liberty has a crown with sharp rays. Expect to see the letterings “LIBERTY” curving at the top and “IN GOD WE TRUST” in the lower middle.

On The Morgan silver dollars is the US motto, “E. PLURIBUS. UNUM.” Also, you’ll see seven stars curving from the left and six curving from the right.

Both coins have the 1921-year mark curving at the bottom. The above aspects make it easy to know the type of 1921 silver dollar you own.

The Reverse of the 1921 Silver Dollar

1921 Silver Dollar Reverse

Most collectors focus more on the reverse to gauge the final value of your 1921 silver dollar. You’ll see an eagle on the peace and Morgan silver dollars.

But here is the fantastic catch. On the 1921 Morgan silver dollars, the majestic eagle stands on a branch of an olive tree while spreading its wings. It’s a great sign of freedom.

Still, the 1921 Morgan silver dollar has some sheaths curving upwards. They were and still are a sign of hope to the nation.

An eagle stands on the peace silver dollars with calm feathers on olive branches. The branches are on a stone.

You’ll find the lettering “E. PLURIBUS. UNUM” on the reverse of the 1921 peace silver dollar. It appears under the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

The term “ONE DOLLAR” is above some rays on the bottom half. Expect the word peace curves at the bottom close to the edges.

You’ll see “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the Morgan silver dollars curve at the top. Also, the term “ONE DOLLAR” curves at the bottom. You’ll also see two stars, one on the right and the other on the left.

If either of your 1921 silver dollars has these aspects in clean looks, it will attract more buyers. So, you’ll have an upper bargaining hand.

Other Key Features of the 1921 Silver Dollar

Every 1921 silver dollar, Morgan or Peace, has a diameter of 38.10 millimeters. Expect these silver coins with a reeded edge to weigh around 26.73 grams.

The US mints struck the coins using 90% silver and 10% copper planchets. Also, the silver weight in every 1921 silver dollar coin is 0.7735 oz.

You’ll find the mint marks on the reverse below the sheaths. Only the San Francisco “S” and Denver “D” used mint marks. 1921 silver dollars from Philadelphia didn’t have any mint mark.


Here are some top aspects that concern most coin collectors and traders. Read on to learn more critical details about the 1921 silver dollar.

What makes the 1921 silver dollar special?

The coins are unique in coinage history because they came in two versions. One of them, the peace silver dollars, have a higher value. Collectors go more for the peace version.

What makes the 1921 silver dollar rare?

Most 1921 Morgan silver versions went through circulation. But the few in the uncirculated versions are a treasure for many traders. Also, most 1921 peace silver dollars have a high rarity.


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