1922 Silver Dollar Coin Value: How Much Is It Worth?

1922 Silver Dollar Value

It is the joy of every collector to own a quality 1922 silver in their collection. But if you own such a coin, how much do you think its price is? How would you identify a legit 1922 silver dollar value today?

The US mints struck 84,275,000 pieces of the 1922 silver dollar. It is the highest number of coins the US mints have ever made in coinage history.

Most of these coins aren’t rare today. Still, with a few exceptions, like the high-relief ones, they are worth a fortune.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about the 1922 silver dollar value. It will help you know the correct value to earn or pay from the sale of this coin.

1922 Silver Dollar Value by Various Versions

The table below details the latest prices of different types of 1922 silver dollars. Understanding their costs under various conditions helps gauge your coin’s best price.

1922 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine (EF) Uncirculated
1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value (Low Relief) At least 14.98 USD At least 15.44 USD At least 17.96 USD At least 20.10 USD
1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value (High Relief) At least 137,776 USD
1922 “D” Silver Dollar Value At least 14.98 USD At least 15.44 USD At least 17.96 USD At least 24.11 USD
1922 “S” Silver Dollar Value At least 14.98 USD At least 15.44 USD At least 17.96 USD At least 24.11 USD
1922 Silver Dollar Proof At least 84,533 USD

1922 Silver Dollar Value Guides

The sale of these coins comes at different prices. It depends on the mint mark, present state, and the present looks. Below is the 1922 silver dollar coin’s best guide.

The 1922 Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark (Normal)

1922 Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark (Normal)

You’ll pay around 14.98 USD to 30 USD when the coins are in a good state. Still, this price is great because it is above the silver melt price.

The coin’s price ranges from 52 USD to 174 USD in an uncirculated state. It will be on a scale of Mint State (MS) 50 to 65.

Expect more profit when it’s a proof or high-relief coin. If it gets a rating of at least PR-65, you’ll earn around 80,000 USD from the sale.

The 1922 Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark (High Relief)

1922 Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark (High Relief)

Such coins have a high price. It is because they have a 3-D look and higher definition.

You can see or feel the image on these coins. PCGS rates them as proof coins because of their high quality. Also, they have a high rarity. Remember, they came as special coins and had a price of around 137,776 USD.

The 1922 “S” Silver Dollar Value

1922 “S” Silver Dollar

The 1922 “S” silver dollars have a price of around 14.98 USD to 30 USD when in a good state. Here, the coin will sell from at least 62 USD to 650 USD. You’ll earn more from the coins when in an uncirculated state of around MS 60-65.

The 1922 “D” Silver Dollar Value

1922 “D” Silver Dollar

As for these coins, they can sell for at least 14.98 USD when in their lowest scale of being good. But when in the highest uncirculated state, MS 65, the coin will earn you around 2591 USD.

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How to Grade the 1922 Silver Dollar

Before you buy or sell any 1922 silver dollar coin, it is safer to know its quality. Collectors use a PR scale from 1 to 70, and the PCGS approves. Where your 1922 silver dollar lies varies with its present looks.


You’d be lucky to own a 1922 silver dollar proof coin. Since the mints struck them for a few collectors, expect the coins to have a high quality.

They have the best luster because their surfaces look like a mirror. The artisans in mints struck them using high pressure. It will be fantastic to treasure such a coin if you own it.

Collectors value them because of their rarity and deep quality. On the scale, these 1922 silver dollar coins have a rating of at least PR 65.


The 1922 silver dollars in this grade never went through the hands of trade. They were great coins that collectors yearned to own them.

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Any 1922 silver dollar in this grade still has that beautiful new luster. It makes the coin brilliant, especially if you view it under the sun. So, if you have such a coin, consider yourself lucky.

Also, these coins have zero or fewer marks. Expect them to have a grade of at least Almost Uncirculated (AU) 50. Sometimes, you’ll need a magnifying glass to view these marks.

Extremely Fine (EF)

If your 1922 silver dollar has few signs of wear and tear, it falls in this grade. Collectors love such coins because they still have some great taste in luster.

Miss Liberty’s hair and crown still trail. But at the endpoints of the curls, you’ll notice some wear. The eyebrows also appear flat on these coins.

Also, the eagle feathers on the top, and right wing’s edges are present but fading. So, these minor wear gives the EF coins a grading of at least EF 40.


A 1922 silver dollar coin will fall in this grade because of many wears. They went through many hands of traders and collectors.

Since it passed through many hands of trade, most parts of these coins are smooth. On the obverse, Miss Liberty’s eyebrows appear faint. Her cheeks are flat because of excess wear.

The letterings close to the edges appear to fade off. But all hope isn’t lost because most critical details on the head and tail are present.

Its beauty is dull; thus, they have less value. Expect these 1922 silver dollars to have a coin grading of F 12.


1922 silver dollars in this class have the most wear. They not only went through many hands, but the owners never cared well for them.

Miners will value it as a bullion 1922 silver dollar coin. Most fine details on the head and tail aren’t present. So, it will be rare for it to be a perfect collectible.

If you own such a coin, it won’t earn much profit. The coins have a low grade of G 4 on the scale.

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1922 Silver Dollar Errors

Any 1922 silver dollar error coin will give you much profit from their sale. It’s because of their rarity and not the mistake they have. Below are the most expensive error coins from the 1922 silver dollar series.

1922 Silver Dollar Die Break in Reverse

1922 Silver Dollar Die Break in Reverse

Some 1922 silver dollars got a die break because of the pressure while minting. You’ll see the error as a metal blob blow the eagle’s chin.

The mistake is easy to notice. You’ll get it for at least 125 USD varying with the present looks. Also, it is above the word “ONE DOLLAR.”

1922 “D” Silver Dollar Die Break in Obverse

1922 “D” Silver Dollar Die Break in Obverse

Still, the mistake is also present on the coin’s head on the die break. The mistake is on Lady Liberty’s hair behind her ear.

Most coin traders call it Liberty’s earrings. It can be that the coin might have begun to crack. The coin’s price ranges from around 425 USD.

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1922 Silver Dollar Double Die in Reverse and Obverse

1922 Silver Dollar Double Die in Reverse and Obverse

The smiths at the Philadelphia mints struck these coins with some doubling. They are present on Lady Liberty’s tiara and hair.

Also, you can get a coin with a double die error on the reverse. The mistake is present in the lettering.

Remember, such mistakes come from when the mints didn’t strike the coins well. So, they had to restrike the parts that appeared faint at first.

You may need a magnifying glass to view these errors. Today, such coins have a price of at least 179 USD.

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History of the 1922 Silver Dollar

The 1922 silver dollar coins came in to honor the end of World War I. Remember, this war ended in 1914.

So, the US government ordered mints to strike them to bring peace to the US and the rest of the world. Also, these coins are among the large US silver dollar coins.

It is why miners refer to these coins as “peace dollars.” A famous designer, Anthony de Francisci, made the coin’s art.

He got this chance after winning a designer’s competition. Most sculptors and numismatists chose to celebrate the end of the war by having this art race.

Anthony used the high-relief method to design the 1922 silver dollar. It is where the coin’s design elements appear raised above either of the fields. The details, like the portrait, look like they are protruding.

Such coins circulated in the 1920s, 1934, and 1935. In 2021, the US government ordered the mints to strike more of the 1922 peace silver dollars. The recent mintage was to honor 100 years of Anthony’s beautiful coin design.

After the US released these coins, collectors realized they broke fast under stress. It wasn’t easy for banks to store the coins. As of February 13th, 2022, the government ordered the mints to make them using low relief.

It solved the problems of various die breaks. After that, the action encouraged the mints to strike the 1922 silver dollars in large numbers.

The mintage happened from 1922 to 1928. A problem arose from the type and quality of the dies the three mints used to strike these coins.

After some court orders, the mint made more of these coins in 1934 and 1935. It made them circulate in the traders’ hands much more.

All three mints (Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco) struck these coins. The Philadelphia mint struck 51,737,000 pieces of low-relief versions.

Also, the mint struck 35,401 high-relief 1922 silver dollar coins. You’d be lucky to own the coins, especially in an uncirculated state.

In the San Francisco mint, the artisans made 17,475,000 coins. The Denver mint made the lowest number of the 1922 silver dollars. Its mintage was 15,063,000 coins.

As for the proof coins, the Philadelphia mint struck them in an edition of 11 dozen. The unique coins came in January and February with high-relief art.

Remember, the 1922 silver dollar-proof coins never circulated. It gives them immense value in today’s coin market.

Since these coins were in large numbers, they have less value today. But still, if you own the 1922 silver dollar proof coins and the high-relief versions, they can earn you a huge profit.

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How to identify 1922 Silver Dollar?

It will be hard for you to know your 1922 silver dollar’s value if you don’t know its features. So, below are the details about the 1922 silver dollar coin. The aspects will also help you trace a fake one in today’s coinage market.

The Obverse of the 1922 Silver Dollar

1922 Silver Dollar Obverse

Anthony, the coin’s sculptor, designed the coin’s head from a sweet inspiration. It came from the love he had for his wife.

He placed Lady Liberty burst facing the left side. Lady Liberty also has an amazing pointed crown. It covers her beautiful flowing hair.

You’ll see the obverse’s beauty if your coin has zero or fewer marks. The word “LIBERTY” curves at the top while the year mark curves at the bottom.

There are the letterings “IN GOD WE TRVST” around Lady Liberty. You’ll see words appearing from the left to the right of the neck.

Remember, the word “TRVST” isn’t misspelled but is part of Anthony’s design. It is a unique aspect that attracts many collectors to have the coin.

The Reverse of the 1922 Silver Dollar

1922 Silver Dollar Reverse

The 1922 silver dollar coin also has more beauty on the tail. Anthony designed them with an American eagle resting on a stone. It does so while it clutches onto an olive tree branch.

Remember, the resting bird and the olive branch are great peace signs. Behind the eagle, you’ll also see rays. They show a new beginning the US had after World War I.

Like the obverse, the tail has some key lettering. It has the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” curving at the top.

Also, the “E. PLURIBUS UNUM” is below the words. The words carry a vast meaning about the US motto.

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Since the coin conveyed hope, Anthony curved the word “PEACE” below the stone. You’ll see “ONE DOLLAR” at the bottom half of the coin.

Other Key Features of the 1922 Silver Dollar

You’ll see that your coin is a 1922 silver dollar if it has 90% silver and 10% copper. Better still, the coin should have 26.73 grams and a diameter of 38.10 millimeters.

Also, expect the coin’s silver weight to be 0.77344 oz. Anything below has a high chance of being a fake 1922 silver dollar coin.

Your 1922 silver dollar wouldn’t have a mintmark if it came from the Philadelphia mint. The Denver mint made the using mint mark “D.”

San Francisco mint 1922 silver dollars have a mint mark “S.” You’ll see these mint marks above the tip of the eagle’s wings on the reverse.


Here are the top concerns coming from most coin collectors and miners. The answers here will help you gather more facts about the 1922 silver dollar.

How rare are the 1922 silver dollars?

The rarity of the 1922 silver dollar varies with the mint mark, the errors, and the type. But the high relief 1922 silver dollars are the rarest. Today, the PCGS and USA Coin book has traced only 11 high-relief versions.

Which is the most valuable 1922 silver dollar?

Any high-relief 1922 silver dollar with a PR rating of at least 65 has a high market price. The most expensive one to ever sell had a price of 137.776 USD.

Why does the 1922 silver dollar have the AV in trust?

Every peace dollar has the word “TRUST” spelled as “TRVST.” It is a sign of the nation’s victory in World War I.


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